Sunday, September 9, 2018

Opening an Etsy shop and slow stitching progress too!

That is right y'all!  designoriginalsbykc is now not just a blog and my personal signature but an Etsy shop too...check it out HERE if you are interested in the first few things I have listed!
My goal includes keeping it fun and affordable for my customers... and selling things through the holiday seasons I enjoy making with Gloria...

Our business card I designed to start us out :)
 Our stock initially includes these things...
Rounded corner drink coasters with acorns on them :)

Hexagon shaped coasters
Pumpkin square coasters too!

I even added a few "action" photos! lol

And a Snap Bag too... using Tula Pink fabric I have had in my stash!
 My honey helped me with some of these photos... even caught him red handed at the end....
But he took these photos before he thought of the above action shot for me! lol
See the snap bag opening by using the triangles :)
I also have a hand quilted wall hanging in our shop!  Come on over and take a look following the link I gave ya at the top of this post 😍Before I got the bright idea to actually OPEN an Etsy shop I finished these fun things ....
A fun snap bag to match the wallet I made for my darling daughter!

A proper bed to go in the basket we bought as a spot for Molly in the living room :)
 Molly loves her bed too <3

 She just loves fabric though too... here she is as I create....

 Sleeping in the basket of fabric scraps waiting to be processed into my scrap users system! lol

FINALLY to some relaxing slow stitching now!  This I worked on while my honey had a doctor's appointment... it will be a new pillow for him once I get finished stitching the design into this wholecloth pillow top....

 It coordinates with our quilt I am stitching too...
I finished this row of swirlies... then it was time for a much dreaded task... adding to the backing that for some reason ... even though measured so carefully before loading it initially on the frame... is about 3" too short!!!!

So I came to Fiona... my Morse 600 straight stitch machine and a bit more portable than my 301...
My honey got her out of her beautiful case to put her on a low sitting table beside my frame to add on a bit of fabric to the backing and I just had to take a photo of her to adore her a bit.

 And her hard at work without breaking a sweat...
 And now... just about 1 1/2 hours from the time I started tearing this quilt off the top of the frame....
 all back together :)

This quilt is now 86% complete!!!  Y'all with this backing issue now fixed I am on the home stretch!!  Linking this part of this post to my fave Sunday Stop with other hand stitchers... Kathy's Quilts and her linky Slow Sunday Stitching HERE <<<  Come see what others are making with their creative fingers 💟✋

I am planning to work on the wavy lines in this blue row you see above... :D

My LQS posted this photo Friday... I thought it was cute... so wanted to share it with you all too...
 Hope this LQS photo from Bless My Stitches in Murphy NC gives you a smile!

And now I am gonna get back to slow stitching... praying for a sale in my Etsy shop and working on a few things with eBay too... Have a blessed one you guys and...


  1. I've had the batting run short in my quilting frame too. I just hand whip stitched attached the batting. I figured it was going to be quilted to it didn't need to be tightly stitched. How great, you're in the home stretch with your quilt! Good luck with the sales.

  2. How exciting that you are almost done with your quilt. I can't wait to see it on your bed. Congrats! on the Etsy shop. I hope you do well. I buy baby bibs from a girl on Etsy and I love looking around over there. That blue sewing machine is gorgeous.

  3. You are very close to finishing your quilt...too bad the backing was a bit short, but that’s all fixed now. Your quilting is lovely.

  4. Wow your almost there. I know the feeling of having the backing a bit short. I vowed that would never happen again. It's so frustrating to have to fix it. Love the snap bag!

  5. Good luck with your etsy journey!

  6. You make cute things on your vintage sewing machines. I wish you best of luck with etsy. I hope you are far enough inland from Florence so as not to be terribly affected other than rain.


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