Friday, September 23, 2016

Whooping it up on a Friday!!! ;)

I am very happy to see Friday roll around this week..
it has been a wonderful (but long) week around here! lol

First I want to wish you each a happy change of Season!  My Australian & New Zealand friends are welcoming Spring... and above the equator we are heralding in Fall... with warm weather in most of the US still!!!

So with fans going I have been stitching on Starlight... Starbright.  I want to link this progress and all my Friday Whoops below to Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog linky HERE >> Come see what other quilty fun is being whooped about over there!

So sometime beginning of this month I started Block 8 of this queen sized quilt for my daughter to be gifted when she graduates high school in the spring...
And because this week has been a bit stressful and I have been hopped up on steroids to get rid of some bronchitis... I have been quilting and watching Netflix on my honey's iPad!!!!
 Above you can see where I have had to remark most all of the stippling... I am using a blue water based marker that just spritzes away when the stitching in that section is complete :)

And below you can see that area is now complete and I am moving on to the right of the pic working on some straight lines in the wheel part...
We shall see how quickly I can progress on this today... I finally will be decreasing my dose of steroids today but doubt my high energy level they leave as a result will wan until tomorrow or later... so I will harness this energy for ironing a bit and hand quilting A LOT!!! lol

While on the subject of hand quilting... check out these 2 beautiful quilts by my best friend Wendy!!!

Here is Anniversary Blooms... her design from drunkards path beginnings... with gorgeous fabrics too!
 .... and Lollipop Drops.. a more modern quilt and all hand quilted as well!!!  Totally her design here using a Creative Grids specialty shape ruler :)
She has entered these quilts in Amy's Quilters Blog Festival this season!!!

Viewers favorites are currently being voted on... Please take a minute to follow THIS LINK to her blog post that will open in a new window and will explain how to vote either or BOTH of these quilts as your fave quilt shown... you get 3 choices!!! and there are many quilts to choose from... go take a gander if you would!  Wendy would appreciate your votes too as would I !!

My Nanny turned 98 years young yesterday too y'all!!!  I am sooo glad to still have her around !!

She lives with one of her daughters and has had a very full life already... I had chatted with her just the previous week... she was concerned that her life was going on so long when she feels useless... yet she gave me lots of great advice (as she always does!)... so I plan to call her again next week and see how her celebration went when she has relaxed some from all the parties the family has planned for her.  My grandfather died many years ago of cancer... she never remarried and has had a very full life... please pray (if you do) that she will find value in her days/weeks/months/years remaining!!!  Thanks y'all!!

Also I got a photo sent to me by my son James!
He is almost 26 now!!  He had a tooth break off and this big grin ( really a big grin for him!!! lol) is because thanks to his local dentist he has great teeth now :D  Yippee!!!

His daughter, Kaydence is also walking and getting chatty now at almost 16 month old... hoping to make a roadtrip to see them in late spring next year... but will have to see how things work out.. she recently had to get tubes put in her ears for recurring infections... and made it though with flying colors they said :)  Whoop!!!

So as we all take turns Whooping it up today... let us remember...
How do you score in this area?  I know I have room to improve my internal thoughts that form how I save memories and what memories are saved!!!

My hope is that each will take a little time over this weekend to...

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Just quilting away here! Starlight... Starbright update and MORE!

Welcome to my blog y'all!  I am so happy to be linking today's post to Kathy's Quilts... she is chatting about forest bathing and is doing the cutest little stitchery... check it out HERE!

Well best I can recall from a couple posts ago... I started block #8 of this quilt on September 5 or before... and I am now nearing the end of this block !!!  Take a look :)
I am so excited that I am able to focus and quilt so much on this quilt currently!  Just one more move in the frame to see the end of the wheel :)   I am recovering from a bout of bronchitis so stitching and reading are the main focuses in my time!

Here is a closer up of the right lower section I am focused on presently...
Funny Fact:  When I started this quilt I loved the straight line quilting... now that I am comfortable with how to make the stars and moon stippling though... that has become my favorite to stitch!!!!  lol

This quilt was not a project I should have taken on earlier in my quilting career either though... It was bought as a top already machine pieced... they did a better job than I could have done and most points match well... but the fabrics (only 3 fabrics used to make this queen sized quilt) are all different densities of weave... so sometimes I can make my thread knot 3 loops... sometimes I need 4 to catch the batting and fabric well though... so I have learned a lot of in depth things about myself and quilting while doing this quilt!!!

Isn't quilting fun like that though when you have a project that challenges you??!!!

Also, on a facebook group I am in someone asked for how do you store your stash... so I made a collage to share there and thought you may enjoy seeing my Fabric Chest too!
My fabric chest is a cabinet we bought unmade from a big box hardware store .. thinking Lowe's but could have been Home Depot too!  Anyway it was a closet for a room that was designed as a dining room so no closet was there... when that son who used it moved out he left it .. so I inherited this gem and my honey made shelves of plywood and boards from luan thin wood that I could wrap my stash and still see it all...

The pic above is not my whole stash really... but it is organized and ready to go there... I pull from it frequently and I have boards in projects I am working on too! hahaha!

How do you store your stash of fabric??

Also this month we are just about done with our guest bath renovation... here is a teaser photo I made...
If you are interested in seeing more shots of this cool bathroom redo... just follow THIS link to easily view that post in a separate window :)

Our next home reno focus is redoing a very abused bedroom... it was my sweet daughter's room and now she has been moved out 2 months ... so once we saw the repairs it needed we totally have it cleaned out now... and ready to donate and sell all she left behind saying she wasn't interested in anything left.  She does have a very cool shelf she and my honey built several years back... it is filled with her snowglobe collection... we agreed to keep that for a while until she gets her own place and is more settled.  Currently she is living with friends and finishing her senior year of high school.

The quilt I am working on now for her will NOT be gifted to her until I see her graduate and she knows this... so for now when I finish this quilting adventure... I will sew on the binding and wait to finish and label it until she has met that goal!

I hope I have peaked your interest with this post... and maybe even left you smiling somewhere along the way so I issue this challenge!!!!


Check out Queen Latifah in "Last Holiday" from 2006... currently on Netflix!

Do you have any heart touching and funny too movies you have watched recently??

Hope you have a blessed Sunday and a great week ahead.  Remember also to...

Friday, September 16, 2016

Guest Bath REVEAL!!!

I can't believe our guest bath is renovated and now looks completely delicious!!! Come on in for a visit and look around :)
I got 2 hand towels in this motif.. that way one is always ready to receive guests and serve their neeeds!
As we were painting and fixing and finishing the much deserved renovation to this bathroom for updating...  I found these cute hand towels custom embroidered in my color choices by Jeanelle (an eBay seller who also sells on Etsy... here is a LINK to her eBay store where I found her beautifully embroidered hand towels.. she also does bar towels, and kitchen towels, and wash cloths :)  

THEN yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby and I got this gorgeous mermaid I had been ogling online!!
 The starfish was part of a grouping of starfish from elsewhere in our home... wouldn't be missed there and now will be a highlight of the room they have taken over I think... check out the pics and tell me what YOU think!!!!
Above you can see the mermaid and starfish in the reflection of the mirror...

We added a different light to the vanity area... it had gold "beauty lights" from 1980's that were hideous and gold with round bulbs! lol

My honey designed a board to mount the light to... dress it up and mix it with the space and hide some wires from the previous owners... all electrical in that room is now safe!
This light fixture is one we picked up a couple years ago meant for this renovation!  It has waited a long time but isn't it pretty there now??!!!  We found it thrift shopping somewhere we think... neither of us can remember exactly though...  it is silver and gold mottled colors of metal with pretty milky white frosted shades and the board they are mounted on is white with routed edges for a bit of fanciness!

And here is the vanity/sink area...
I love the cool white starfish... we found all the starfish in this room from many trips previous before actually moving to the beach... I am happy to see them displayed!  The ring dish is a find from a thrift shop... and there is the second towel of the 2 I got from Jeanelle :)

More grey and dark red around the toilet area...
 And check out the window decor too!
The valance I made and enjoyed it... took all of 1 hour to construct... the Relax was found at Hobby Lobby and the starfish also from our collection...
And above is a cute collage I made on a new program on my computer I am trying to learn for photo editing.. thought you may enjoy it!!!

And here is a great quote I found earlier this week when perusing facebook...
I am making steady progress on Starlight... Starbright quilt... I will update that in a new post soon!!!

So for now... until I am ready to show off my quilting efforts I pray you each have a blessed weekend and...

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hope you had a Safe Labor Day weekend!!

I hope for those in the US... Labor Day weekend was a much needed time to catch up :)
I had planned to share this greeting YESTERDAY... but my dd came for a visit and I never got a post written! lol

I have several projects I am working on... but for some reason all my focus has been on Starlight... Starbright... for my daughter's high school graduation coming in the spring...maybe this is part of my "empty nesting"???  Not sure as I am happy at how she is making her way and she seems happy when we chatted yesterday... and I did work on her quilt over the holiday weekend!!!

Here is a wide shot I took the other day...
 And here you can see more progress in a closer up shot! :)  ...
Soon I will be moving the quilt to get to the carpenter's star center :)

Also over the weekend I spotted a pic on facebook of my 15 month old granddaughter... KAYDENCE!!!!
She is enjoying some ice cream above... but check out the bib she is wearing... I MADE THAT FOR HER!!!  She is getting tubes in her ears mid September her mom says ... so hoping that goes quick and easy!!!

So excited to see something I quilted and made for her to use but never received even notification that it was received ... IN ACTION!!!!  So that started my weekend off with happy fireworks! lol

Then I ran across this verse and thought enough of it to share with you!!
Thus I quilt to stay happy and out of trouble! Staying warm with them is a wonderful side effect too!

So what all are YOU working on right now to keep you happy and your family warm???

I almost forgot... the fabric aquisition I shared with you last time??  Well I got 2 more 1/4 yards of more in that line... and I love it!! <3
See the ones on the bottom are the new ones... the ones across the top are from my initial purchase... I will give a HUGE THUMBS UP!!!!  For taking such good care of this fabric and my order!!!  Check them out if you are in the US online :)

I hope you take time to leave a comment and share what you are up to!  Not quilting??  Then share another hand sewing knitting crocheting project you are doing and how it makes you feel to make progress on this project :)

Until my next post ... Please Love One Another folks!

P. S.  Hurricane Hermine gave us only some wind and rain... none at hurricane levels ... we live just south of Daytona Beach, Florida on the east coast and this storm made landfall on the west coast and went northeast after that... so we just prayed for those in it's path...
Thanks to all of you that messaged us to inquire on our safety!  It was MUCH appreciated to know we were in your thoughts and prayers :)