Friday, November 18, 2016

Having such a great week y'all!

I am so excited to share a host of fun shots with you this weekend :)  I have been slow stitching away!!!
In my last post I left you all hanging with this shot! lol

Now let me show you what I have been up to >>> but FIRST!

A close up :)
of a needle keeper I made from a refrigerator magnet by adding a strong magnet to this.. and have a free one to keep it in place on the quilt... then any of the surface will hold my busy needles!  So much fun too to reread this cool magnet with each change of a needle! :)

If you use a frame do you have a needle keeper you use?? I would love to hear about yours!  Or how you organize your needles when working with more than one :)  I have 3 going on this quilt... (one blue, one white, and one for the edge stitching ;)

Above is my quilting plan and where I was this morning when I took this shot is highlighted :)

Blue Diamond Quilt is not a final name but a better working name than I had going... so far we haven't heard a name for this quilt that fits it and the importance of this quilt to us... having a redo :)

I want to share a close up and an artsy shot of my stitching too!
Can you tell which is which?? lol!
It is so hard to show you all texture when using a frame I am finding.. I have taken shots all times of the day and eve... Not having outside light is hard too though... I do miss stitching outside but by only leaving the door unlatched... I can hear the bubblers and squirrels and birds outside not far away :)

Here are a couple shots of my frame...

This first shot was taken after my first rolling of the quilt...
 And below I am soon to turn the quilt down more in the frame...
I like that this quilt has a pattern I can highlight to watch my progress... I will have to come up with a visual way to keep track of my progress for sure!  Any tips for this are welcomed!!!! :D

Lest I forget... next to my recliner is Rustic Flowers Wall Hanging project for the kitchen! I am currently half done echo quilting the center applique... I must be honest that it isn't getting much of my attention here lately though! lol

I doubt I will write again before Thanksgiving this year...
I have many things pulling for my attention presently.. more projects to come out of the sewing room as well as every 3 days to be ready to roll this quilt frame again... will definitely keep me busy... then will be time to dress our home for Christmas!!!  I am excited for that !!!

Sunday I do plan to link this post for slow stitching with Kathy's Quilts ;)  Come HERE and check out what everyone else is slow stitching on Sunday :)

Until my next post have a blessed weekend my friends and ...


  1. I wish I had a spot for a frame. Although, my current quilting is all curvy and I'm not good at quilting in all different directions, so using my Q-snap for this one is more practical.

  2. That is a great needle keeper. I enjoyed looking at your quilting pictures. That quilt is so pretty.

  3. The quilt looks so beautiful in the frame as well as the closeups. I like that floral applique that you are working on as well.

    Embarrassed to say that while I always see such pretty needle keepers out there I have just a very plain one that I threw together ages ago..fabric front and felt inside and I never get around to making anything else.

    Have a wonderful holiday! :)

  4. Wow, lots of great projects in progress. Lovely Blue Diamond and clever needle keeper!

  5. I admire your hand quilting. The quilt is beautiful.

  6. Lovely quilt on your frame. And I love the colors in your wall hanging. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Your quilt and frame are beautiful! You've already rolled it a couple of times?? You are moving along. I like the needle keeper. I don't have one but need to make something like that. Very cute! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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