Friday, March 18, 2016

Spiral Log Cabin ~ Piecing Progress :)

Happy Friday Folks!!!!

Check out my Design Wall today :)  I am sooo excited!
Last Friday I shared that I was gonna start my first log cabin quilt... a Spiral Log Cabin Wall Hanging is how it will finish.. it is for our living room focal wall as you enter our home :D

So how did I accomplish this with just this at my disposal?
First I found a piece of foam board that was holding a puzzle we have yet to make a frame for and found a new place to store the puzzle... I made sticky notes for each size of log I needed to make and I even used different colored sticky notes for dark versus neutral logs...
but truly the different colours weren't really necessary! lol  Oh well ... made it more interesting a task anyway in the prep work!

Then I separated my jellyroll... I only used 1... sold the second one within 1 hour of advertising it too!  Yippee :)
It is important with a Log Cabin pattern.. because you are sewing so many small pieces together to make a square unwonky block to make your fabric as unstretchy as possible... I was using a jelly roll which is WIDTH of fabric cuts... when a log cabin is recommended for LENGTH of fabric cuts that do not stretch at all...  So I used Best Press...
My method was to best press all the jelly roll strips just prior to cutting them into logs... I spritzed the Best Press on each fabric piece and let it rest for a bit...then ironed it dry and it was quite crisp... made it easy to cut and easy to sew!

Here are my first 4 log cabin blocks up close...
And the 4 I just finished this morning...
I liked this second grouping best as it seemed more scrappy to set the tone for the scrappiness I desired for this wall hanging to be! :)  So the pic at the top is probably the final placement on all the blacks in my pattern...

Now this next week I will focus on cutting enough red (the neutral logs are ALL cut) logs to make 16 red and neutral blocks!  Yay ;)

I want to send a special thanks to Wendy for gifting me this book by Judy Martin...
also included in the photo is a little book I got myself by Sharyn Craig... both are very ingenious quilters and these books hold many patterns but more important together they hold the secrets that really are making this log cabin quilt successful!

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In the meantime ... I have made it 2/3 of the way through quilting my second Carpenter's Wheel block on Brandi's Graduation quilt.  Here is a close up!
 Can you see the red big stitching around the star pieced diamonds??

I am really enjoying the diversity in these 2 projects currently.

How many projects are you CURRENTLY working on?  I like 2 I think.. as I dream of more to come... I try to keep track of where I am in each.. I have more WIP;s... but currently working on projects.. 1 piecing and 1 hand quilting is good for me :)

Also, I got to keep my grandson CJ yesterday...

he will be 2 years old in June!

Isn't he a cutie with his silly face on... trying to grin at me! lol

Have a blessed weekend and remember that...


  1. looks like all your projects are coming along pretty well. such a cute grandson bet he keeps you entertained.

  2. Wow, your log cabin is looking great. I did one of those (took me quite a while over several months if not years as I recall) only finished it December last year, baby size. Wonderful having a couple of projects on the go, I think I have 3 which is an improvement. Cute grandson too.

  3. The log cabin blocks look great! I like the colors. Your hand quilting is moving along so fast! it'll be done in no time at all. CJ is his silly face.

  4. The quilting looks gorgeous! I just love that pop of red thread!

  5. So so happy to see you finally start your log cabin! Brandis quilt is so fantabulous I just think if she really doesn't want I I know someone who would appreciate it! Hahahaha. It was a pleasure to send that book your way also. Xxx Wendy


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