Friday, March 11, 2016

Something NEW! ~ As the week comes to a close!

Ya'll is it Friday already!!!???  Wowee!

I have been soaked up in projects here and have lost track of time for sure! lol

A couple weeks ago as I innocently was surfing Log Cabin Quilts on Pinterest... I came across a pattern that I absolutely decided was my quilt to make!!  Do you ever find that happening to you?? lol!

So why this searching on Pinterest in the first place??? Well a fun couple of jelly rolls I picked up for cheap on a facebook selling page!!!!  Yippee :)
These 2 jellyrolls are "In Stitches" by Maywood Studios... really top notch fabric to use and very soft!  I am really excited about this... so I consulted the internet then my fave book on log cabins... one by Judy Martin and made up this foam core board we had stuck back in a closet ! lol
the pink sticky notes denote neutral logs and each one has a width and length plus it's designated letter for piecing...

Here I have opened 1 jellyroll and separated it...
The neautrals are a bit darker than you would expect but I think the black and red will give good contrast... I plan to keep the red, black, and neutral scrappy so I am adding in some fabrics in these colours from my stash :)

I took this photo and...
 ran it through my Paint program on the computer
This is an idea of what it will look like... I will do my own ideas for an inner and outer border... I have all the fabric... or it will be here soon! lol

So today I hope to start prepping my fabric and cutting some of these logs!

My goal is to have each log cabin black a mixture of the blacks... and a mixture of the neutrals with no repeats in the block itself... and no repeats in position in the quilt... so nice and scrappy :)

I am MEGA excited about this... my grandmother I called Gaga made me a log cabin traditional quilt when I was about 20 but it was lost in the house fire of 2008... so now I want to make this wall hanging version to hang proudly on my living room wall and commemorate it to her and my grandfather I called Papa! :)

Does this make more sense now why I am so excited and yet nervous to jump into this project??!!  Do you ever get that way about a significant project in your life... quilting or not!

I also am participating in a 9 patch themed BOM my friend Wendy is running on her facebook page and via her blog Wehago Designs.... also on Instagram as #WDBOM2016 ;)
Aren't these fun so far!!!  I am having fun making fun blocks 1 time a month... and it gets me in the piecing spirit more too... Hand quilting is by far my fave part of the quiltmaking process! lol

As I have been gathering and organizing my log cabin quilt to be & making 9 patch variations... I have also been diligently working on my hand quilting project!!!
Here is my basic area for hand quilting now... I am loving it.. but if you look at the photo you will see this was on the 8th...

Currently I am about to finish up the 1st Carpenter's Star block... these blocks are 28" square though!!!
So I will save a current shot for my Sunday post... the big reveal!  Come back then if you like :)  I will also be sharing a hand quilting tip you may not be aware exists... I didn't until I was gifted one! lol...

Until then I will be linking this post with Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday linky party... come and see the quilt she pieced and quilted and bound this week... >>> HERE!

Have a blessed start of your weekend and remember...

P. S. >>>> USA Friends... Daylight Savings time starts SUNDAY 3/13/2016!!!! :)


  1. Look at you!!! Another project on the burner! Your daughter's quilt is looking wonderful and I like the log cabin pattern you are going to do. I want to be just like you one day! :) :)

  2. It's always fun to start something new isn't it! And good to have more than 1 project going so we don't get bored, LOL

  3. log cabin quilts are fun to make - you will have fun with this I think I have made 4 or 5 of them over the years and never fails I have fun again and again, they are easy to make but really not boring at all


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