Sunday, March 13, 2016

My first Carpenter's Wheel block is complete!!!

Ya'll I am so excited to have finished the first block of this quilt!!!  

It is 28" square...
 There are 9 (yes NINE) of these blocks that make up the quilt...

I have merely completed the center block in the top shot :)  Both Brandi and I love how it is looking though!  I am using Hobbs cotton (80%) and wool (20%) batting and am loving the loft it adds to the cotton feeling of the batting and very easy to needle for sure!!!

Here is a peek at my current set up with the PVC frame my honey made me just for quilting this quilt...
We also purchased a second inexpensive gooseneck floor lamp at our local big box discount store :)  It helps to throw light on all parts of this 20" x 50" frame ;)

Now I have started on another Carpenter's Star block... I am working on the very top part... the "wheel section in this shot...

It is already starting to bring this block to life as well!  I am very pleased overall with the time I am putting into this as it is going much FASTER on my frame now :)

Do you use a quilt hoop or frame?

I started quilting without a hoop but learned after about 10 quilts that hoops help a LOT... then I have tried this version of a frame and am in LOVE with how I can see my work and keep it more consistent and not have to move as frequently as I would a hoop on this big block quilt!

One addition to my quilting gear of late has also been an underhand thimble...
 It is made of a silicone like material and is soft and pliable but not easily penetrated by the needle point...  Here is the package insert ... I am using this Large that was gifted to me by a friend on my middle finger... but plan to get a medium for my pointer finger also! :)
Do you find your underfingers get abused much?? I had hamburger like finger tips on my left hand.. now I am seeing that all heal up using htis frame and consistently remembering to use this thimble and use my middle finger as my main underhand finger to use with my rhythm... :)  Yipeee!

I am planning on getting a proper frame kit that my honey can one day build me a proper frame for quilting to avoid basting and try something else new now... I think I will like it too! lol

So how about you?? What are your habits?? Do you have tools of the trade you adore??  I would love to hear!

Don't forget by the way if you are in a Spring season time zone change....
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I feel blessed you came to visit and made it this far too! lol

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  1. glad to hear you like your frame! the quilt looks great, I tried that blue thing on my underfinger but it doesn't work so great for me, I got a small and it keeps falling off! I guess I have skinny fingers LOL they do get poked a lot but I guess I am used to it.

  2. Wow--your quilting is looking wonderful. I have a carpenter's wheel top that needs quilting, but will probably be done by machine--some day! ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing..I didn't even know they made these thimbles for underneath!

  4. Your quilting is beautiful. I haven't started hand quilting, but will when I get my La Passacaglia quilt all finished which will probably be in a couple years. I'm going to keep your recommendations in mind when I do start.

  5. The quilt is looking so pretty! Beautiful quilting! I have never used an underneath thimble; I need to feel the 'prick' to know I'm there! ;)

  6. Oh so pretty! I don't use a thimble.... just a hoop and needle.

  7. Your quilting is very pretty. I have trouble using anything on my underhand fingers as I can't seem to feel the needle, so two of my fingers feel like pincushions when I am quilting. I use a hoop that can attach to a frame, but lately I have not used the frame so that I can more easily change directions. I am not sure if I would go back to a frame as I seem to have trouble keeping an even stitch in a variety of directions.

  8. Your hand quilting is beautiful. The pattern is so detailed. I think it's the first time I've seen hand quilting that looks spontaneous.

    I'm a relatively new hand quilter. The very first time I ever tried hand quilting was when a lady from church was trying to get a quilt finished and asked for volunteers. She had a frame similar to yours and it seemed like the most awkward arrangement to me. When I began hand quilting on my own I bought a 14" hoop and love it. Yes, I do have to turn it because I can't seem to quilt in all directions but mostly I don't mind.

    I don't use a thimble and have "impressive" callouses on several fingers. I'll keep an eye open for the thimble for a W'under Thimble.
    --Nancy. (ndmessier @,


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