Friday, March 4, 2016

Introducing... Star Light ~ Star Bright!!!

I got my daughter's high school graduation quilt pin basted... with her and my honey's help I may add...
The flimsy was purchased on eBay and is well constructed... during the marking process I found no issues... no volcanic star centers... no unstitched seams... it was shipped to me safely and gifted to my daughter at Christmas... I can't believe it is finally marked, layered, pin basted and ready for hand quilting!!!!...

I started with the center star in my 17" hoop..
on February 29... LEAP DAY!!!!

But meanwhile my honey was building me a frame to make the stitching on this go easier... we decided PVC was best and least expensive as well.. and he went to Lowe's for the supplies and soon had it glued all together...
Hard to tell in the pic above but it is tilted toward me about 15 or 20 degrees... so it seems to be my perfect working height I think... we had to order clips to hold the quilt on it from eBay... meanwhile as I waited for the delivery of the PVC clips... I stitched!!!
Look closely above and you should see the dark red big stitching each diamond got surrounded by that makes up this star!!!  Fun :)  This is part of my daughters wishes... pops of red in the quilt :)

Once the clips came in I popped the quilt out of the hoop and wrangled it onto the frame... not a hard process at all and a nice stretching time too! lol
So here it is... and here I am with a big smile on my face over this new item!!!
Learning to quilt on a frame has it's own learning curve for sure... but I am loving the speed I can now quilt with... here is my progress since March 2...
 And here is a close up on the part I have completed and where I am working presently...
I am having a blast quilting on this frame... I am tucking the bits that hang off into the plastic clips carefully after rolling... working well for me and keeps a bit of a cushion on my under hand!

Linking all this happy news to Sarah's Whoop Linky... I am definitely Whooping here.. are you whooping... come share with Sarah too >>>> HERE

I am also happy to link to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday post... where all sorts of hand stitching is going on... HERE!

Also this month I turned my calendar... definitely getting another of these calendars for next year!!!

It says "An Invisible Crown:  Don't leave home without it!" Hahahaha!

I love this!!!  I need to always remember I am a princess too... crown in place and head held high!!!  How about you??

Weather wise it has been a very dry February... March came in nice and warm... with warmer nights and the days are starting to noticeable lengthen again... I love Daylight Savings Time best... and we are getting closer to a time change too!  Yippee :)

So what are your faves about March each year???

Thanks for visiting with me... I hope you have a blessed weekend and remember...


  1. Wonderful! I have the 'store version' of that frame. Your honey is a smart one, for sure! The quilt is moving along, I'll bet you beat your deadline, for sure.

  2. I'm still a sucker for hand quilted pieces......yours is beautifully done.

  3. hope your new frame will work out for you - I especially love working on a frame for big quilts. I love this time of year for the longer days but I do not like the strong thunder/rain storms that come at this time of year - in fact I hate them!

  4. Your hand quilting is beautiful. And what a find on ebay! Love your whimsical stars in the white squares.

  5. That is a wonderful quilt. Congratulations on your new frame! I have a PVC frame as well and I do like quilting on it. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. It's such a lovely quilt and your hand quilting is beautiful. A wonderful gift for your daughter.

  7. Looks great Kathi! Have fun learning to quilt on your new frame. I started on the frame and never could master quilting in different directions. Enjoy your slow stitching!

  8. Beautiful hand quilting !!

    I got a little PC frame a few years ago but just couldn't be comfortable and went back to the hoop but it was a great tent for the grands while a quilt was in it! :)

  9. Your hand quilting nicely complements this quilt! Nice quilting frame too!

  10. I have one of these but have not yet set it up since I haven't found the right space yet. Quilting looks fantastic!

  11. I keep pondering the use of a frame ... there are so many advantages. But I worry about stitching any direction other than right to left. 😯

    Your daughter's quilt is beautiful ... and your quilting is adding the perfect finishing touch. It will be a family heirloom for sure.

  12. Wow, wonderful hand quilting! Visiting from Kathy's Slow Stitching.

  13. There's something so pretty about quilting stitches and yours are beautiful. I am an old hand-quilter at heart, but also have a longarm business. It saddens me that most new quilters don't try hand-quilting. They just don't understand what they're missing!

  14. Your quilting is gorgeous. Hooray for your honey and his ability to make the frame for you.


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