Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy Friday :)

Hello my bloggy friends... glad I haven't been gone so long this time :)  Hope you are having a Happy Friday in your part of the world!!!

Although it doesn't show in the shot above... I am about 3/4 finished with the crazy triangle background stitching on this cute sunshine!

This is all part of a memory quilt I am hand quilting for a dear friend from her daughters clothes... her daughter died suddenly several years back.... she is now ready to enjoy the clothes instead of store them...
So here is the top me and my bestie Connie put together this summer... once I finish this beautiful sunshine.. penned by Kaylie just weeks before her death... I will have 5 blocks left to quilt and some sashings too... then onto the borders :)

I am hoping to have this done in November as I have other things in my quilty life that need attention too... but this is taking first place currently and until I reach the borders I really can't focus on anything else... my friend needs this quilt to snuggle her daughter again!!!

While I am quilting this fun quilt... I have found a new series on Netflix...
And having a teenage daughter .. it is very appropriate and has given me great communication ideas for her already and I am only 5 shows into the first season and there are about 7 seasons to enjoy on this show!!! Yippee :)

Have you seen Gilmore Girls?  It is a TV series from 2000 to 2007 about a working mom and her academically blessed daughter and their lives together... being a single mom myself now I am relating to a lot I see on the show... but more than that I love seeing a healthy mom/daughter relationship... hope that doesn't change as the series progresses!

Linking the quilty parts of my post to Confessions of a Fabric Addict blog... Sarah is also hosting a GREAT GIVEAWAY TODAY!!!  HERE :)
On a sad note my favorite bracelet that I wear every day finally stretched until it broke the other day... I felt naked without it.. well God led me to a replacement one and it came in the mail this week!

Tah Dah!!!!

I have kept what pieces I could from the broken one.. so one day when this one breaks I will mix them together and have them restrung at the local jewelry shop... and not let it get stretched out... will be the best of both then!  For now I am really enjoying my new glasses, new bracelet, and new hair do!  All is good in my fashion world! lol

CJ hasn't been coming by as frequently lately... but he did stop in once this week...
Isn't he a cutie!!!  I love my grandson soooo much!!!!

And I made him his fave breakfast...
Grammy's homemade oatmeal and some fruit just the right size for his fingers to feed himself with! lol

We played with some books my bestie Connie had sent and he played with toys a bit too.  He makes me smile no matter what mood I am in when he stops by!

I hope to finish the sunshiney block today and move down to the bottom left corner and work on the Brewers block next... that and some house chores that I have been sadly lacking in getting done is what is on my to do list this weekend... How about you??  Are you having a Happy Friday too???

Have a blessed weekend... and remember to...

Monday, September 14, 2015

September is Speeding By!!!

Can it already be mid September?? Wowee !!!  We have been busy here.. how about you?

I am working on hand quilting this block in my memory quilt for a dear friend...
I have also updated my computer and speaker... to a Dell and a Bose respectively.. and am loving them both!  I even got a cute new mouse that coordinates with my new blue Dell!  :)

I got new glasses and a new hair do as well...
It is a bit of a mess here but I love it ... and so does my honey!!!  So that is nice :)

I also got my dd her Christmas present... a quilt top she fell in love with on eBay...
As many of you know.. piecing is not my favorite part of making a quilt... the hand quilting is... so I will enjoy hand quilting this next spring for her to enjoy but gifting the top with backing she chose from a host of wide backs I showed her... I am excited for her to receive this and know it will soon be quilted for her.. maybe she will want to help me even!!!!

Mostly we have stayed busy with featherweight and 301 sales... currently we have 2 on eBay...

and one of facebook... UPDATE>>> this one is sold!!!
We are very blessed our "business" is going well too!

Hope your September .. is it coming into autumn or spring where you are?? ... is going well.. and hopefully not feeling as fast as my own is :)

Now that I have caught up with all of you I am now ready to...

Hope you are doing some of that too!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday!!! Yahoo :)

I am sooo excited to be able to share progress this Sunday!!!!
This is one of Kaylie's dresses that we cut the back off of and appliqued to the fabric... I have been so busy with other things... and had a block on how to best quilt the skirt part of this dress... to keep it flowy yet secured well to the quilt for long use... the ruffle on the bottom is being left loose so Kimber can enjoy playing with it when she wants to :)

This quilt...
is about 1/3 done with the quilting now :)  Yippee for that!!!  There are many quilty things on the horizon and next year is even filling up with things to do... I must balance life and activity with desires and such... to keep me going.

I did design some business cards and ordered them..
Shipping and all was under $15 for 500 from Vista Prints... we are very happy with them.. they are glossy on the front and matte finish on the back.. so I will be adding these to the thank you notes we enclose on our facebook/featherweight sales in the future :)  You are welcome to use /share this information if you know anyone interested in getting a great condition 221.  That is my quilting on a embroidery piece a friend made for me... then I gifted the whole thing to a wall hanging celebrating my honey's hard work with featherweights :)  One of the glamour shots I took of that finished work is the picture there... Exciting stuff for sure!!!

On eBay we picked up this cool vintage "toy" for CJ to enjoy for now and future grand kids later..
This little pup moves along on his own with his little legs moving when you pull the red ball attached to a cord going into his neck... very very cute.. I remember having a similar one as a child as does my honey :)  Do you remember anything like this from your past??? (We gave him his tail as he came with just a hole there and no tail.. lol)

Look what we had to wait behind at the pharmacy last week...
We thought only in small town Florida would someone come to the Pharmacy on a bike with kids in tow!  Very cool indeed!!!

But our big score of the week for me is this beautiful 1950's Singer Queen Anne cabinet my honey found and bought for me...

 the drawer in the front opens out from the top... I love that sooo much too!
 Currently it has nothing in it.. but as soon as the room is clean and usable again it will soon find lots of quilty accouterments to fill it! lol
Above is a bit of a blurred pic of my Gloria (301A) in her new forever home.... and below is Gloria when I did a photo shoot with her a while back...
 And my fave part is that I now have access to use her again... her and that seam guide she came with make an awesome team to help me piece accurately and quickly too!

Life continues to be fast forward... but I am hoping today and tomorrow to have more quilty time... I am linking this moderately quilty post to my fave linky party with Kathy's Quilts on Sundays HERE!

I hope you make time to be labor free this weekend...

 And until life slows down for me to share more...

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hello September :)

Hello my bloggy friends and...
 It is hard to believe life has been so fast forward for me that I haven't shared with you since MID AUGUST!!!!

Hot and humid here... how is your weather???

As we welcome September 2015 into our lives... I am still stitching on the same dress on the memory quilt I was in my last post.. stitching is getting done... just not at a fast pace.. lol!

I have now not only updated my computer to Windows 10 .. but a new computer I got for my dd for her final 2 years of high school and into college (will she do that?? lol) .  I updated it to Windows 10 as well.  Windows 10 is So EASY to navigate... the negative to Windows 10 is if you have anything pirated on your computer... it does remove that stuff... I don't so all is good for me :)

The BIG SURPRISE was a gift to me from my honey!
I got a new computer too!!!!

It came with Windows 8.1 but I quickly and easily (after 3 restarts of the computer) got Windows 10 on it as well.. and transferred all my pics and docs to it as well!!!  For now we are keeping that old computer as it does still work... just VERY slow at it these days! lol

I will say of all the computers I have owned DELL has BY FAR the best customer support available 24/7 but on the first call I was assigned to a team there and they have called me to check my status and answered emails and voicemails promptly.

Are you in the market for a new computer ???  Check out Dell and this one was a factory refurbished one we got for half off retail but with all the expertise of help that a new one comes with and it flies on the internet and processing multiple pages too!  Thanks for offering top quality products dell and very affordable too!

Hope September brings you pleasant weather and calmness before the frenzy that seems to ensue for everyone as Christmas approaches...

Until my next post...(hopefully not making you all wait 2 weeks or more this time! lol)