Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Cleaning and a bit of Quilting too!

This past week we finished the kitchen floor!!!
and enjoyed a nice quiet Sunday.   I got up and made coffee...
and enjoyed looking at my favorite tile in the whole room!!!
Why is this my fave tile???  It is my favorite because it is the only tile my honey chose in the whole room and it was the EXACT tile I had planned to put there!!!  Don't you love it when little moments happen like that in a relationship?!!!  I sure do ;)
Above is the other side of the floor near our much more compact kitchen table and bench :)

But here is the spot that has now glaring become apparent it needs something to me...
The spot over the bench is DESOLATE!!!  I need to bring some color and flavor into this room... so I called up my friends and brainstormed away and in the end....  my friend Connie is gonna fashion a top about 36" square and I will quilt it... I know what the basic look will be.. however ours will be completely different colors... and I want you to enjoy the surprise of getting a quilt top to quilt... I will also be using double batting to hand quilt this quilt with big stitch style.. but that is all I know currently.  It may be a while before I get this top from Connie.. as she works full time and has a full time life outside of work as well.. quilting is her stress reliever when she can make time... but I am very excited and at rest now knowing that it will be totally made for this spot by Connie too!

As I was pondering this problem.. before it got solved that is... I have been really quilting away between cleaning and moving furniture and dusting and such...
I have been working on quilting my wholecloth quilt... I have finished all the flowers and am working on the greenery surrounding the flowers now.. then I will come in with a natural colored YLI thread and do all the cross lines... it will be totally fab!!! I am really enjoying this process...

Yesterday the carpets all got finished being washed (tiling indoors creates a lot of dust!)... and we hadn't moved furniture to clean carpets we realized since we had moved in over 2 years ago!!! Oh my!!!  So here is our living room today...
 My dd has a few things still left out on the tables.. and the sofa table needs to be properly decorated but we are unsure what is right for that space currently... so an updated pic will follow in a future post :)

Hope you have enjoyed this peek into our busy world!  Until my next post...

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy Weekend!!

So sorry it has been a week since my last post friends!  We have been so busy this week I couldn't take time to chat.. but now I have lots of fun things to share :)
Above is a picture of the center medallion of this quilt finished....

Here is a close up of 1/4 of that medallion in my 16" hoop....
I used a light blue thread for the center medallion... but I plan to use other colors in the flowers surrounding this medallion... not a traditional way to stitch a whole cloth for sure... but then I am not a traditional hand quilter I think! lol
Here are the colors of thread I am starting with ... I am using YLI 40 (wooden spools) and Aurifil 28 threads for my quilting pleasure ;)

Here you can see where I am going with the dark blue thread in the flower petals...
So I am having lots of fun with this project!

Meanwhile, I am watching the patchwork of our kitchen floor come together...

These shots are before grouting though... so the lines between the tile look dark... We are using a light colored grout here so it will flow nicely when done... here is the grout going in...
I was the sponge rinsing girl in this process and it sure helped my honey out!!!  He is a master at tile setting but is used to having 2 helpers... so he got me this time instead! Oh my!! lol

But we managed and the floor is curing after being sealed... so pics of the final floor layout... and a peek at my fave tile and why coming up in my next post!

Our weather is cooler and clear... think spring break and we are only seeing temperatures in the high 60's this weekend!  OOOPS! lol

So back to stitching for me this weekend... what are you up to this weekend??

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Quilting Day!

Hope today you make time to put in some stitches on a project!!!
As for me I am working a a wholecloth quilt for our bed.  The wholecloth top was a gift from my bestie Connie.. and 2 summers ago we pinned it for quilting but a time to quilt it never came... until now!
 So here it is in my hoop above... and the pattern I found a pic of by doing a google search here....

It is a king sized quilt and will fit our queen bed generously well... I have a wideback busy print in gold and grey and white as the backing too so NO SEAMS...

Therefore, this is the perfect quilt to practice my stitch length and consistency throughout this project!!!

I have also been working on patchwork in the kitchen... working on the tile floor placement.  I am choosing the tile and he is setting them.  I see the big pic and he checks things close up!  We are having a blast..
 and our kitchen is now about 2/3 tiled!!!  This pic was taken a bit before we stopped for the morning ;)

Hope you have a Happy Quilting day however you manage to find patchwork to work with! lol

Until my next post....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kaydence's Baby Quilt is COMPLETE!

So happy to have this gift of love ready to send to the parents of my new grand daughter-to-be... Kaydence!
Here is what Kaydence looks like right now....
in her mom's belly ;)  Can you tell I am excited??!!!!

I started this quilt just over a month ago and used Aurifil for all my machine piecing work.  Their 50 weight thread is 2 ply and strong and very thin so it doesn't change your seam allowance much!
If you are interested in piecing one of these it is fairly easy to design yourself.. just make sure each border between the charm squares is 2 3/4" to start with :)  I got that info after my first border was already cut and sewn on... and my next layer needed a bit of "adjustment" to fit! lol

Here is a shot of the back...
And a close up of the label I embroidered...
As well as the commercial one I add as it has care instructions on the back ;)

The quilt I made for Kaydence was inspired by this Pinterest pic.. that was a dead end to find the originator...
Kaydence's Baby Quilt went into the washer at 43" square and came out of the dryer at 39 1/2" square and cool and wrinkledy as I did use yummy cottons and cotton batting by Pellon as well!
Don't you love the textures all the hand quilting gives this lovely little quilt??!!  I used YLI and Aurifil 28 threads for the hand quilting and I used a hoop on this whole project too!  So glad I did as well :)

I am sure within a year I will be making her something bigger and maybe something I could design with help from her mom!  I would love that!!!!

And to help me be ready to send off this quilt in time for the baby shower in mid April.. my honey took this shot!

Isn't this adorable on the bear!  These are a few things of my darling daughters that my honey borrowed for props! lol

Well I am off to slow stitch something and maybe do a little machine piecing too... the floor of the kitchen is almost ready for the new tile now... it has been an arduous process for sure!

Until my next post...

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Binding and Scraping...

I love to bind using my Wonder Clips...
See how my needle just slides into the fabric below the Wonder Clip??

I use 7 for binding... just a number that has always worked for me to keep up with....

Here is a close up of what I am talking about too...
When placing the Wonder Clip on your binding place it about 1/8" from the edge of your binding... and you can stitch away without removing the clip if you like!  Then move them all when you reach the end of the clips if you like!  Makes it a little of a game moving the 7 clips around :)

I am really enjoying the binding on this little quilt and am linking this post to Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching HERE... 

Also we are still scraping the floor in our kitchen... in a quest for a tile floor instead of the 1990's vinyl that has resided there since casa del loro was built!

Here was our progress Saturday morning and a good view of our kitchen floor..
We now have over 1/4 of the floor mostly stripped of the vinyl with more soaking and scraping to go to get down to the bare concrete... it will take a bit we think now!  They glued this entire floor in 1990... no floating in that era! lol

Hope you have a happy rest of your weekend... and don't forget to make time to

Friday, March 13, 2015

Putting on the bow... slowly!

Yep... slowly I am "putting on the bow" of Kaydence's Baby Quilt :)  (It hasn't found another name).

And "putting on the bow" is a fun way of thinking of hand stitching down the binding (always leaves me sad to see a project end) ... now does my post make more sense? lol
A friend in one of my fave hand quilting facebook groups said this recently and it inspired me to finish it... so today I am gonna focus on binding a bit more...

And once I finish sewing on the binding I need to embroider the label and applique it in place...
NOT looking forward to this for some reason and unsure why really... it is an easy process and I am prepared for it... have it all laid out and ready to go... so why the hesitation??? I wish I knew! lol

Meanwhile... around Casa Del Loro we are fertilizing and sprucing from the winter and letting the spring sun bring things back to life here on Florida's east coast.  You see during the winter things just go dormant... turn old looking and chill... not much new growth... even on indoor plants... it is their hibernating phase I think! lol

While we wait over the next month for the sprinklers and nature to water all that fertilizer in and get back to yard cutting the summer away... my honey has decided to take on a tile setting job for our kitchen floor!  Yep ... nice 12" porcelain that matches all the rest of the tile we bought for Casa Del Loro.  So that will be something I can share with you over the weekend.  We plan to make it a family project and each take a job to make it flow better :)

Are you getting Spring fever yet where you live???  Maybe it is all the motorcycles we hear as it is Bike Week here and Spring Break has begun for many who visit as well!

So as I bind and we tile I hope you have a blessed weekend yourself...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Extra Extra! Read all about it :)

Last Friday in THIS post I shared that the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting facebook page was gonna feature my work on Sunday!!!!

Well they did... here is what they posted around Noon EST Sunday...

"National Craft Month Dedication – Kathi from Port Orange, Florida: "I loved making the "Sunny Side Up Charmer" valance because it used many of my quilting skills, including design. This was inspired by a table runner I found on a blog, but this is my design as I could find no quilted valance ideas anywhere before I made this one.
This valance is made just like a quilt. I used 42 charms with no two alike from the Sunnyside Collection for Kate Spain by Moda and 1 1/2 yards of Moda Gray for the background and backing and hanging sleeve.
This is a fun weekend project. I made mine a mix of machine and hand quilting. I also used all Aurifil thread on this project and love the happy ending!"
Kathi wrote more about this project in her own words here!"

With these pictures.... 

And thanks to my fun times putting this valance together you can check out the how to's of this quilted valance right here :)

Since it's posting I have helped a few with more explicit directions for making your own custom sized quilted valance.  If you are interested in more information please leave a comment.. I always answer them ;)

And here is the exciting part for me... It has over 2500 LIKES and over 300 SHARES on facebook!!!

I am in awe that so many would enjoy something I did just for fun :)

Thanks for reading and thanks for your support!  I won't let all this attention go to my head! lol

Instead today I plan to finish the slow stitching on Kaydence's Baby Quilt and maybe even sew on the binding!  Yippee :)

Linking this post (and a chance at a giveaway of a charm pack like I used in the valance) to Freemotion on the River Linky Tuesday here!

Until my next post...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

SUNNY Slow Stitching Sunday :)

The sun is out in full force on this cool but sunny morning here on the east coast of Florida :)
 Wish I had a beach sunrise pic to share with you... but here are some plants from our back yard with the reflection of the sun showing off their beautiful magenta coloring...
Speaking of the sunrise today... did you set your clocks forward if you live in the United States???
Here is a cute pic my friend Connie posted on her fb wall... thought you all might enjoy it too...
P . S.  Starbucks is also a fave for me too! lol

And I am continuing my slow but sure path in the hand quilting department on Kaydence's Baby Quilt...

Here was the view I woke too...
 Here is my progress this morning and the morning light instead of fake sun lighting the way... you can see the quilting much better I think :)
I am basting the outer edge as I do the outer border... this helps nothing to shift with the sewing on of the binding... which may be tomorrow at my current rate!  I currently have just 16 interlocked hearts to stitch before binding can commence on this lovely baby quilt!

Here is an UBER cool quote I found on facebook... I also thought you may agree...

Quilting is Therapeutic for sure!!!  Do you Wish Upon a Quilt sometimes too??

Cheers to a wonderful Sunday to you and yours!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fantabulous Friday to you!

We are all having a fabulous week here on Florida's east coast and wanted to wish you all the same... hope this Friday finds you feeling FABULOUS :)

UPDATE>>>> This Sunday, March 8, 2015 EST sometime that day Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Facebook page will feature the Valance I submitted to them on a whim!  I am MEGA excited to see what kind of response it gets! lol
Here are the shots we submitted to them...
 So if you would like to see what they post go find them on facebook and like their page or just check their page out on Sunday sometime maybe :)  Yippee :)

We had temperatures in the 80s yesterday with a nice breeze and my darling daughter decided to do some work in the back yard....
 She concentrated on this area of our patio and didn't she do a great job of trimming away the deadness that had previously existed there???  Sorry no before pic ..
Then this morning my honey decided to pressure wash it (when he saw these pics! lol

Now look at our outdoor patio!!!
 My honey installed this as there was nothing but sandy dirt to walk out on when we moved in ... and it cleans up so nice each time he pressure washes away the winter duldrums... and algae! lol
Meanwhile I know may of my friends and family north of us are having cold and snowy and treacherous weather.. here is a pic recently sent to me of my nieces and nephew enjoying the snowy weather...
The youngest one just had a birthday  :)

Our azaleas liked the cold snap we had last week and this week we got lots of blooms!

Meanwhile... Monday I made it to the hearts of the outer border...
 Hope you can see them in this pic... this border pattern is 2 1/2" and I have it set closer to the inner edge to leave room for evenness after binding :)
Here it is in my hoop... I have HALF of this done!!!  Yippee :)

I am very satisfied with my progress on this baby quilt as Kaydence isn't due til May!

I have started reorienting myself to the Hollyhock Garden quilt again as well... and I have read the first chapter of the new book I shared with you in my last post.. so I have been quite busy to include housechores and such ;)

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend :)
Thanks for stopping in for a visit!