Sunday, November 22, 2015

Weekend progress exposed! :)

Happy Sunday friends!
Hope you are each having a peaceful and restful day!

I have been up since 4 am stitching away on my Garden Bouquet Whole Cloth Quilt... I am now on my second hooping this week of this quilt.. Let me show you the first hooping... I shared this photo of my beginning spot on my last blog post..
This is a 17" hoop and it has lots of real estate that needed to be quilted ... but I managed to finish this hooping in just 3 days :)
And moved my hoop to the right for my next area to quilt...
And now that area is ready for the back hatching to be done!!!
I love the colors in this quilt... I wish they photoed better... the background hatching is all tone on tone off white... but the flowers and leaves and stems are all different colors consistently :)  I love it!!!

After seeing so many traditional whole cloth quilts done all tone on tone.. I am glad I am giving this whole cloth the Colorful Quilting Treatment! lol

I have also been working on the Fall Wall Hanging...
Above is the Fall Wall Hanging laid out on my design wall... then I cut the inner borders and threw them up there with the pieces... all the quilting has been decided for this quilt so I am cutting borders based on the designs I will use to fill them :)
So here is my inital design including the inner border above...

And here is the outer border and binding planned...
And here is my progress so far on this flimsy in the making...
So I bought the pinwheels and the pumpkin embroidery in a lot on facebook.. the "pumpkin spice" shot cotton solid looking fabric is heavenly to work with so far :)  I had heard it frays a good bit... but I haven't had those issues... this is Kaffe Fasset shot cotton I got via :)  Very pleased with their service, shipping, and selection too!

I hope to link this to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.. even though adding borders to the flimsy isn't super slow or the idea of it... I have been working studiously on my colorful whole cloth and I think that qualifies :)

In the meantime I am still waiting on fabric for Kaydence's quilt to arrive... hopefully Monday it will and all this will go back on hold and I will focus on her cute quilt! :)  Yippee!!!

Hope you have a happy Sunday whatever you do and make sure to take time to...


  1. love that whole cloth and glad to see it out again

  2. IF I ever make a whole cloth quilt, I will def. quilt it in colors like you are doing! I just love what you are doing with it. Can't wait to see your fall quilt all finished.


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