Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Progress Report ~ Kimber's Memory Quilt almost done!!!

I have been working steadily since my last post...
Above is progress on the border and a bag I found to hold this precious quilt when done... my goal was to have it easily portable as the recipient is a busy lady!  She is improptu and I wanted this quilt ready to see the world with her :)

Above you can see the label a bit...
Here is the label over half quilted now.. just the left and bottom borders left to stitch here...

Here is a corner... they were my favorites to stitch :)

And the last border to stitch was right here....
Finally the quilting was CoMPLETE!!!!

I could stitch on the binding... and in less that an hour I had stitched on all that binding from beginning to end... 

This just leaves...

Also this weekend I found I was a bit distracted as my son James turned 25 and here is his daughter and my granddaughter Kaydence..
The next quilt I will focus on is to replace her first quilt lost to a fire...

Also I got my desk calendar for 2016 :)
 It starts mid 2015 so I am starting to use it now...
Not sure if these are currently even available anymore but you can look for other Suzy Toronto designs.. I found this one on eBay searching "Toronto planner"... she also has calendars and cups.. but this is what I use to keep life somewhat traceable :)

Hope you are finding progress in your own life ... as I continue to bind and look forward to gifting this beautiful memory quilt... I send a little sweet thought to each of you for a pleasant rest of your week!


  1. Just gorgeous quilt, well done, and your grand daughter is simply Grand! Her quilt will be just as fabulous I am sure

  2. That sweet baby is growing up!! The memory quilt is truly a treasure! Can't wait to see the final reveal!

  3. Congrats on the finish and a Happy Birthday to your son. She sure is growing up fast!

  4. congratulations on getting to the binding - I know you have been working on this one for awhile now

  5. Binding already? Woo hoo! I hope you'll show us a picture of the entire quilt once you've finished the binding.. the little snippets you've shown tell me it's going to be a spectacular quilt!

  6. A polka dot binding. You know I love that! Your quilting stitches are so beautiful. Nice work.

  7. On the home stretch now! How exciting! Those little grands grow up too fast don't they?


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