Friday, November 13, 2015

Post #500 ~ A Memorial Finish :)

This is my 500th post made to this blogspot :)  Yippee!  I have shared a lot of myself with all of blogland in these 500 posts.  Today though is very cool because I get to share the journey of making a quilt with you all... Kimber's Memory Quilt... in honor of her daughter Kaylie Elizabeth who passed away from this earth suddenly several years ago...
Above is a shot I took as my honey prepared for a photo shoot of this glorious finish!!!  These are clothes from all ages of Kaylie's life... she was just 8 when she left this earth :(

The backing I chose is bright and lively...
And a note for Kimber with some special love I sewed into this quilt..
When I invited Kimber to come pick up her quilt... I was still binding it! lol  Here is the shot I shared with her...
Of course she immediately made arrangements to meet...

Here is the last of the binding getting finished up...
And then into the washer it went...
I had used 3 markers all together to do all the marking on this quilt... they are the blue wash away markers by Clover... well I first gave this quilt a nice cold water rinse to make sure all the blue was gone from this quilt even though I had spritzed it away as I went... then washed and dried it in warm with soap and dried on warm with a towel along for company (and it keeps it from knotting too!) :)

Kimber brought pizza for dinner as a thanks for all this hard work... and couldn't wait to see her finished quilt to enjoy forever!!!!!
Tah Dah!!!!!

This masterpiece ended up being 63" x 74"... I have shared 25 posts about this quilt in progress.... it was officially started over July 4, 2015 weekend and made into a flimsy during Connie's visit... without Connie's help and expertise.... this quilt would not have worked out!!!!

And a close up of the label I made for this quilt...
I raw edge appliqued the label then embellished with stitches to incorporate it into the quilt :)

All the quilting on this wonderful quilt was done with YLI 40/3 white thread except the pink highlights around the label.. for that I used Valdani 12 wt thread :)

Look closely below the big label in the picture above and you will see the edge of my own regular quilt label poking out too! lol

So happy 500 posts to me and what a great way to celebrate 500 blog posts than with this finish!!!!

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Have a blessed weekend and a Happy Friday the 13th!


  1. Speechless! So beautiful and I hope the mom feels lots of comfort while snuggling beneath her sweet girl's memories. Congrats! on your 500th post... it was a great one!

  2. I have loved watching this come together. It's been wonderful to share

  3. What a fabulous quilt ... it's been so much fun watching you bring this quilt to life. What a blessing it will be for your friend Kimber. You should be so proud of your work on this beauty. And yay for post #500.

  4. I'm sure your friend will love having this quilt with her daughters memories - so sad to loose a child but nice to have the quilt to hold on to - you are a dear friend to her for making this

  5. what a treasure! I am sure she will really cherish this quilt, as she does the precious memories of her daughter.

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. A beautiful tribute to that little girl. Your quilting is so wonderful, too. Congrats on your 500th post.

  7. Memory quilts are such a comfort for bereaved families. I have made a few on my quilting journey. A beautiful finish!!!

  8. I am sure will cherish it forever. I can't imagine what it means to her for you to take the time to do something so wonderful.

  9. What a wonderful quilt. I'm sure it will be cherished. Congrats on your 500th.

  10. Congratulations on the fantastic finish, and on your blog milestone! Both are impressive accomplishments!

  11. Wow! What a wonderful quilt and happy finish! This will be a well-cherished quilt, for sure. Congrats on the finish and on your 500th post!! Both take tenacity! :)

  12. It is a beautiful quilt for a very tragic circumstance. Well done.

  13. What a sweet quilt--I know it will be loved for many years to come!

  14. Wow. 500 posts. Congrats on that and quilt completion. It is very pretty and I am sure heartfelt and appreciated.

  15. and into the washer! I adore the feel of a quilt coming out of a dryer. Leeanna at not afraid of color


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