Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stencils and Hand Quilting with them ~ Tutorial

Today on facebook I posted this picture of hand quilting I am currently working on ...
It spawned several comments and questions.. so I thought I would do a blog post all about it to share with you all :)

This is the stencil I am using.. I bought it at JoAnne's in their miniscule quilting section I think...

As you can tell it is a string of butterflies.. :)  I needed a stencil 3" wide for this wider sashing on a quilt I am working on...

So try to choose a Continuous line stencil .. most are made that way these days anyway! lol

You can view and purchase templates online and Stencil Company or Stencils International company... or you may find some at Joanne's and occasionally in quilt shops... but I rarely find anything but most common there unfortunately...

So decide what you are marking with and trace it out on a sheet of paper if the path you should go to make it "continuous" is not obvious...

So above is this stencil traced out with my blue Mark-Be-Gone water soluble pen... with the stencil laying beside it...

See these openings where I didn't draw??

Those are "legs" and keep the template in 1 piece with giving you the ending of a continuous stitch design...

Here is a close up of the stencil.. check out those Legs! lol
I have only highlighted some of the legs here... but notice the black arrow in BOTH of the above shots.. that makes this one tricky to figure out... so do this..

After you trace your stencil go back with the same device for marking you already used and fill in the "legs"..
Above are my quilting lines to keep it continuous and avoid traveling :)

This tutorial was made for some of my fave fb groups... because it was popular there I am sharing with...
Kelly at My Quilt Infatuation.. Needle and Thread Thursday AKA NTT... Here:)
Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict (and she really is!!! lol)....  HERE :)
and Happy Thanksgiving Canada at Kathy's Quilts... Slow Sunday Stitching ... HERE :)

Here is a cutie I found in an Australian's fb page I follow...
You see it is Spring "Down Under".. their seasons are opposite ours ;)

"Charm Dance" ~ Designed and Quilted by Wendy Gontier
Speaking of Australian Best Friends... I have the best one!!! And she recently did a YOUTUBE video about hand sewing down the binding on a quilt... GO HERE >>>> Wendy Gontier  <<<<<  To watch it... leave a comment or hit the thumbs up and subscribe to her channel if you like it.. she is an EXCELLENT teacher too!!!
But I loved it and wanted to share it with you all... I do hope the ups and downs of daily life... are mainly with needle and thread this season :)

Until my next post.. PINK POST STILL IN THE WORKS!!!! lol


  1. Great tutorial! I almost got that stencil but went with the curve and diamond for my current quilt.

  2. very nice tutorial! So funny that I also bought this butterfly stencil at Joanns last weekend.

  3. Great tutorial! I really like the butterflies! Are you using this on the memory quilt?

  4. Nice tutorial. I think I would have probably passed up that stencil had I seen it hanging at the store ... but seeing it quilted, I'm thinking I like that a lot.

  5. Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  6. A nice quilting pattern and tutorial ...enjoy your stitching :)

  7. I have never used a stencil before. Have fun quilting this week.

  8. oh that takes me back! I did all hand quilting when I started long ago... used stencils to mark and it was calming. I just did another hand quilted little thing, and it was just as satisfying. Make sure to really wet that blue marker...I had one come back once. LeeAnna

  9. Very cute stencil--I will be on the look out for that one! I find most of my stencils at large quilt shows--there is usually a booth of just stencils and it's a good time to load up on them!

  10. Those butterflies look like they enjoy fluttering along the sashing!

  11. Oh I really like hand quilting a continuous design on borders...can't wait for my next one!
    Thanks for linking up and contributing to a wonderful Slow Sunday Stitching!

  12. Great stencil tut. Butterflies do make for a great border. Love the Australian cutie. Hope to catch the youtube video later.


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