Sunday, October 4, 2015

Lovin' me some slow stitching on Sunday :)

I find this time of year very INSPIRATIONAL!!  For instance I saw this...
Beautiful hand stitches by my fb friend Andi Perejda.. she teaches a (the only actually) hand quilting class on Craftsy... I have requested an advanced course taught by her.  She encouraged me to contact Craftsy and ask for this... and in return I got a response saying they would consider offering it soon!!!

So I took the above inspiration... and drew blue lines that spritz away after quilting ... for my next block on my current project...
and got to work using the same thread I have used on the rest of this project.. YLI in white :)

Here I am about halfway done...
And here it is back in my hoop for a bit better picture...
So finishing this block is my goal for the day!!!  Do you have a goal for your Slow Sunday Stitching??  Join me at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching right here!

This block is very meaningful to the receiver... and my goal was to give each block of it a life of it's own.. brought together with my hand stitches in white YLI 40/3 thread!! :)  I think it is working ;)
I currently am working on this block located on the bottom left of this quilt... once done I will only have the 4 blocks and remaining sashings on the right side of the quilt!!!  Yippee :)  I am loving this project since seeing Andi's block above and seeing the possibilities... even though this is not quilted as heavily as hers ... I am really having to pull myself back from quilting parts more than others! lol

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On the Grammy front this week I have updated pics of both my precious grandbabies to share with you... here is Kaydence...
What a cute face to wake to on Saturday morning... this pic was taken Friday night.. she is just over 4 months old now!!!  My how time flies :)  She is the perfect mix of her mom and dad too ;)

And closer to home.. I got in a photo shoot featuring my grandson CJ!!!

Here he is with his Papa and Mom... such a happy addition to our family for sure!!  He will be 16 months this week... and is just like his shirt says... sooo handsome!!! lol

Now onto a more serious topic...

Do you do anything for October to celebrate breast health or lack of it??  October is Breast Cancer Awareness across the globe!!!

Come back later this week to see what I do to celebrate October in Pink!!!

Hope you come back and see me then!  Until my PINK POST...


  1. Great idea Kathi to contact Craftsy. Andi's block is beautiful. Adorable grandkids. Love the current quilt you are stitching. Bright and colorful.

  2. Enjoy today's stitching and the grand littles are adorable! :)

  3. I was admiring Andi's quilt too this week! I'd love to take her Craftsy class at some point, it looks very informative. I hope you enjoy your stitching today :)

  4. I love that quilt, too. And love the quilting that it inspired you to do on that memory quilt. What a treasure it will be! And of course, I just love the pictures of your two little grands. They're just too cute for words!

  5. Enjoy your stitching! Love up those grand babies as they grow way too quickly.

  6. Such an amazing memory quilt! I know exactly what you mean about being tempted to keep quilting in one area and needing to pull back!

  7. That quilt is adorable, but you grandbabies definitely win in that category. Enjoy your stitching.

  8. Your making real progress! Those grandbabies are special aren't they? Happy stitching!

  9. Beautiful hand quilting, Kathi! :)

  10. Wonderful hand quilting on a special quilt and adorable grandchildren!


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