Saturday, October 10, 2015

I love weekend mornings...

The house is quiet as all but me are asleep... I have a weird sleep schedule but last night at 6:45 pm I was whooped! lol  So to bed I went and up at 4 am I was!!! :)  It was a sleepathon in hours though!  And I woke so energized!!!

So what do you do in your quiet time?? 

Do you make time for quiet time??  Time just to think and dream and imagine things.. read blogs.. QUILT of course! lol  or dream of your next big project... please share in comments below!

Update on Project Pink post this month is that I am gathering intelligence for this post... have you chosen someone or something to support this October.. Breast Cancer is real.. but many other diseases deserve support as well.. just something for you to ponder... in your quiet time ;)

Until my next post...


  1. Good Morning! My motto is sleep when you can! I went to bed early last night, but still didn't wake up till 7 am... it was lovely!!! My world has been so busy since July when my mom passed away. I am so looking forward to some quiet time again, I'm ready to get into my sewing room one more time!!

  2. is your sleep schedule different because you have worked as a nurse? night hours? my sis works around 10 to 8 AM or something like that and she wonders if she will have a problem adjusting her hours when she retired in a year or so.


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