Monday, September 14, 2015

September is Speeding By!!!

Can it already be mid September?? Wowee !!!  We have been busy here.. how about you?

I am working on hand quilting this block in my memory quilt for a dear friend...
I have also updated my computer and speaker... to a Dell and a Bose respectively.. and am loving them both!  I even got a cute new mouse that coordinates with my new blue Dell!  :)

I got new glasses and a new hair do as well...
It is a bit of a mess here but I love it ... and so does my honey!!!  So that is nice :)

I also got my dd her Christmas present... a quilt top she fell in love with on eBay...
As many of you know.. piecing is not my favorite part of making a quilt... the hand quilting is... so I will enjoy hand quilting this next spring for her to enjoy but gifting the top with backing she chose from a host of wide backs I showed her... I am excited for her to receive this and know it will soon be quilted for her.. maybe she will want to help me even!!!!

Mostly we have stayed busy with featherweight and 301 sales... currently we have 2 on eBay...

and one of facebook... UPDATE>>> this one is sold!!!
We are very blessed our "business" is going well too!

Hope your September .. is it coming into autumn or spring where you are?? ... is going well.. and hopefully not feeling as fast as my own is :)

Now that I have caught up with all of you I am now ready to...

Hope you are doing some of that too!!!


  1. looks like you have some good featherweight and other singers there! good luck with them Love that quilt top your daughter should be happy with it.

  2. I love that quilt top! September is flying by for me, as well ... you'd think it'd be slowing down, since we're here on the island where everything moves a little more slowly. But it's whizzing by.

  3. I said the same thing yesterday, where has September gone????? But I am looking forward to cooler temps and enjoying some hand quilting. Your daughter has good taste that top should be fun to quilt.


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