Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bulls Eye Progress & Kimber's Memory Quilt too!

I so look forward to my Slow Stitching Sunday posts :)  Check out all the bloggers that link HERE!

Today Kathy is sewing down a binding whilst I am big stitch hand quilting on my Bulls Eye Wall hanging...

I am enjoying the mix of threads... I am using a perle 8 cotton by Valdani variegated black and YLI 40/3 black :)

I am on bulls eye #9 out of 16 total so over halfway now... I am new to using a thimble and am finding it more and more handy to put on... for so many years I didn't prepare.. I just sat down and quilted... now I try to prepare a bit by putting on my thimble and looking where I have been and where I am going... works well!

Connie made it safely her from Tennessee on Monday
and by Tuesday we were planning the quilt out...
here are the clothes that made the quilt because they were most precious to Kimber and quiltable in some sense! lol

And here is the fabric that we chose from to make it into a proper looking quilt...
And here is the backing Kimber picked out that helped us decide on all the above!
Kaylie, her daughter, loved butterflies and bright colors... so we are focusing on those here :)

By midweek we both fell in to bed with this much accomplished..
We both helped in the design of each block but Connie did the sewing once we got started and I did the cutting and refocusing as needed...

And here is how the center turned out!!!!!  Ready for borders :)
Adding the borders and mitering the corners of the borders was my job... so the last full day Connie was to be here I woke early ... got motivated and added the borders all around... then mitered them as one seam being careful to match my fabrics at the corners...
And we ended the week with this flimsy ready for layering, pin basting, and hand quilting too!
I just love how this came out and so does Connie... what do you think??!!

Kimber's Memory Quilt it will be called for now.

We also sent Kimber a shot of the clothes we planned to use before getting into them and preparing them for the quilt... and we gave her scraps of the fabrics used in the quilt as well!  She is VERY excited and doesn't read or know of my blog!  So I will be sharing here the journey of quilting this very special quilt!!!!

More about my birthday and Connie's visit otherwise in my next post... until then...


  1. Wow I love this memory quilt! You ladies have been quite busy. Enjoy your hand quilting today :)

  2. Love the border fabric it really pulls all these great blocks together! What a great memory quilt!

  3. Love your bulls eye quilting - I'm doing some big stitch today as well!

  4. So, are you both going to be doing the hand quilting on that memory quilt? It sure turned out fabulously ... quite ingenious!

  5. looks like a great job with the memory quilt - I hope it will help your friend deal with her grief.

  6. Great job and enjoy the hand quilting.

  7. What a fabulous memory quilt! I have seen many T shirt quilts, but never one like this where you leave the clothing recognizable and intact. I love it!

  8. What a precious quilt ! You girls are great!!

  9. That memory quilt is a treasure. Your kindness is wonderful


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