Friday, April 10, 2015

New Blog Header & Wholecloth PROGRESS too :)

Time for something less busy on the top of my blog.. hope those that follow me take time to look at my blog outside a reader format :)  I enjoy all the blog headers I see by viewing my fave blogs actual blog!  How about you?

Do you read me from a reader format or in full screen enjoyment?

We have been busy around the house this week and today I felt thrilled to share one of my fave pics as the new blog header.. this whole cloth is a long term project for me as I may not finish it til close to Christmas...  You can see the backing for this quilt in the pic above...

And here is our bed currently...
A close up of the pillow in the center I had to replace as the original pillow got worn out... so a new pillow cover it was if you recall from last November's adventures ;)
And here is a pic of the whole cloth on the bed...

Our bedroom currently is very bland but will probably be the last room we redo ... pondering wall color as I stitch with so many colors of thread on this whole cloth...
Above is a great shot to show my progress on the quilting... not as much as it has felt like for sure!  But will be so beautiful when all done... thanks to YLI and Aurifil threads...

This bowl sits by a great new pic I got of my brother and his family just on Easter!!  They say they are LOVING their quilt still too!  I am sooo happy!

Did you know today April 10, is National Sibling Day??  It is an unofficial holiday but I think I will send my bro a text.  He is my only sibling!
And a shot I posted in my fave facebook hand quilting group was the header yesterday...  they change in this group fairly frequently but I was stoked to see a nice shot as the header and realize I made those stitches!!! lol

I will be sharing some about the vintage machine in my header in my next post... as this is all the time I have for now.. the whole cloth is calling me!!! lol

Linking this slow stitching progress on Slow Stitching Sunday to Kathy's Quilts HERE!

Have a blessed day and until next time please...


  1. Your whole cloth is going to be wonderful with all the different color threads. So many more stitches to go but they will be so well worth it. Your new header is wonderful!

  2. love your new header - I go to each blog to look and read although I have everything go to my Feedly Reader - I use that to let me know when someone has posted something new and then click on through to go the blog.

  3. I don't use a reader so I see the whole blog. I love the different photos that people post. Your quilt is coming along really nicely. Love that you are using multiple colors.

  4. Love your header! Your quilts looking awesome!

  5. I use a reader to get new posts in the blogs I follow, but I open those posts in their own screens so I see the blog as if I went there directly by typing in the URL. ;-) So I see your new header. Looks good.

    That pillow ... It's covered in the same fabric you're going to use for the backing on the whole cloth, isn't it?

    Part of why I've fallen in love with the whole cloth that you're making is that the design lends itself to multiple color threads so well ... and is why I like it. No offense to those who make and love "standard" whole cloth quilts, but with the quilting thread that matches the fabric (usually white or natural), they're just kind of boring. Your use of colored,quilting thread adds a little pop ... I'd never seen that done before - you're so creative!

  6. I just love your whole cloth quilt. you have made a lot of progress!!!!

  7. Oh my, Kathi, your stitches look great. I love quilted hearts. I don't know which format that I read your blog, but I always view your's and others' headers. Yes, I think your new header is less busy. Good luck on the whole quilt.

  8. I only have a lap top, so I visit blogs the old fashioned way and enjoy seeing the headers (and change mine frequently just for fun!)
    Love love love your whole cloth quilt... and the bowl of threads is yummy!

  9. That whole cloth quilt is going to be stunning!

  10. Congrats on the header on facebook. Your whole cloth quilt will look beautiful on your bed.


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