Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kaydence's Baby Quilt is COMPLETE!

So happy to have this gift of love ready to send to the parents of my new grand daughter-to-be... Kaydence!
Here is what Kaydence looks like right now....
in her mom's belly ;)  Can you tell I am excited??!!!!

I started this quilt just over a month ago and used Aurifil for all my machine piecing work.  Their 50 weight thread is 2 ply and strong and very thin so it doesn't change your seam allowance much!
If you are interested in piecing one of these it is fairly easy to design yourself.. just make sure each border between the charm squares is 2 3/4" to start with :)  I got that info after my first border was already cut and sewn on... and my next layer needed a bit of "adjustment" to fit! lol

Here is a shot of the back...
And a close up of the label I embroidered...
As well as the commercial one I add as it has care instructions on the back ;)

The quilt I made for Kaydence was inspired by this Pinterest pic.. that was a dead end to find the originator...
Kaydence's Baby Quilt went into the washer at 43" square and came out of the dryer at 39 1/2" square and cool and wrinkledy as I did use yummy cottons and cotton batting by Pellon as well!
Don't you love the textures all the hand quilting gives this lovely little quilt??!!  I used YLI and Aurifil 28 threads for the hand quilting and I used a hoop on this whole project too!  So glad I did as well :)

I am sure within a year I will be making her something bigger and maybe something I could design with help from her mom!  I would love that!!!!

And to help me be ready to send off this quilt in time for the baby shower in mid April.. my honey took this shot!

Isn't this adorable on the bear!  These are a few things of my darling daughters that my honey borrowed for props! lol

Well I am off to slow stitch something and maybe do a little machine piecing too... the floor of the kitchen is almost ready for the new tile now... it has been an arduous process for sure!

Until my next post...

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  1. It is always nice to welcome a new baby into the world; by all the family members. You have created such a special gift with so many special touches. The quilt is so colorful...both front and back. Looks so cute with the teddy and rabbit.

  2. Oh Kathi, you should be so pleased with how that quilt turned out. Absolutely adorable. Well done, my friend!

  3. I'm sure you are well pleased with it - it looks great!!!

  4. It looks great, Kathi! I was wondering if you have a hard time sewing charm squares together with the pinked edges and keeping them accurate? I have never used them? Your a real quilt a holic when you are already thinking about the next quilt.

  5. Kathi, your baby quilt is adorable. I am so impressed that you completed it so quickly, esp. with hand quilting!! I'm still keeping my eyes open for some cute fabric to make my labels with ; I just love your owls!


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