Saturday, March 21, 2015

Happy Quilting Day!

Hope today you make time to put in some stitches on a project!!!
As for me I am working a a wholecloth quilt for our bed.  The wholecloth top was a gift from my bestie Connie.. and 2 summers ago we pinned it for quilting but a time to quilt it never came... until now!
 So here it is in my hoop above... and the pattern I found a pic of by doing a google search here....

It is a king sized quilt and will fit our queen bed generously well... I have a wideback busy print in gold and grey and white as the backing too so NO SEAMS...

Therefore, this is the perfect quilt to practice my stitch length and consistency throughout this project!!!

I have also been working on patchwork in the kitchen... working on the tile floor placement.  I am choosing the tile and he is setting them.  I see the big pic and he checks things close up!  We are having a blast..
 and our kitchen is now about 2/3 tiled!!!  This pic was taken a bit before we stopped for the morning ;)

Hope you have a Happy Quilting day however you manage to find patchwork to work with! lol

Until my next post....


  1. That's going to be a spectacular quilt ... a long-term project that will definitely be worth the wait! Have a Happy Quilting Day!

  2. I love whole cloth quilts. I have only attempted small wall quilt size. It is on my list of hope to do someday to make a large bed size one. Your kitchen tile is looking good.

  3. That's a gorgeous quilt design and it looks like a labor of love! It must take a lot of patience to quilt such a large quilt. What a lovely way to spend quilting day!

  4. ah the kitchen redo - sometimes it never ends does it! love that whole cloth - tempting but too busy :)

  5. Wow! I worry about the humidity down here with pins.... it looks like there is no issue on your quilt. That will be amazing when done. Love the kitchen tile too - some day I'll get rid of the carpet and get tile in my dining room. Someday...


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