Friday, February 13, 2015

Kaydence's Quilt Flimsy is Complete!

I am so happy to be able to blog and resurface from my piecing frenzy this week :)

First I want to wish you all a blessed Valentines... from my home to you!

My honey found these tulips when we were shopping on Wednesday... we spotted 1 pot of pink ones ready to bloom and bought them!!!

When I saw the mid day sun shining on them through the skylight above I had to share this glimpse into the beauty I get to enjoy every day :)

Do you have any plans to do something special for Valentines?  We don't go out ... but I plan to spend it working on Kaydence's Quilt... yet to be named :)

This flimsy features some Benartex layer cake squares I cut to charm size.  The fabric line is "Owlivia" :)

Do you ever run across God moments when you quilt?

Well I sure did ... SEVERAL times... while making this flimsy and with the backing as well!

I had JUST enough Raspberry fabric for the center border and the binding on this project.
I had just enough left the width of the fabric for the wider outer border I decided on... this sliver is all that was left WOF.
I also decided to miter said outer border to a nicer finish... had just enough to do said borders :)
The backing is pieced because this flimsy measures 42" square.... so as I was designing the backing it seemed someone else was in control of the design.. lol!  It turned out perfect!!!
Then while cleaning a bit of the mess I had made in the making of this... I found this perfect square to add some embroidery to for a label!
Any ideas on how to decorate this cute fabric?? I am sewing it to a muslin square and turning it and appliqueing when the quilt is finished :)

And here they are in my sewing room.. the backing on my design wall and the flimsy laid over my sewing chair...
So I can look at this photo and realize so many moments so far that something amazing has happened... I feel this quilt is blessed to be loved once gifted.

So where am I in process with this quilt?

I will mark it next.. still trying to decide how to do the charms... for their quilt design.  But I have border designs decided and checked and will mark them first.. hoping then to get inspiration ...

OR IDEAS FROM YOU ALL... on how to address the charms.

This will be all hand quilted in white, olive and raspberry Aurifil 28/2 thread.

I will use Pellon cotton batting and have the rasberry batik fabric already cut for the binding :)

So now I would LOVE to hear from you....

What do you think?
Do you have ideas to share for a quilting design in the charm squares???  Not into just an x in them.

Thanks in advance to those that leave me feedback...

Linking this post full of Whooping Excitement to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict :)


  1. I love your quilt and so happy for you that you had all that you needed, no more, no less just perfect to finish up your quilt. I find myself saying Thank You to God often while in the sewing room when things are just working out so perfectly.

  2. It looks great Kathi! Have you thought about zigging and zagging back and forth thru the squares. Circles that overlap the seams of the squares.

  3. the little quilt looks great - patchwork! who can go wrong. I too got some tulips - mine are a lavender color - we don't go out either - every place is always so busy and we don't like crowds.

  4. Nothing special planned here ... a dear woman from our old church passed and the visitation is this morning. We will go pay our respects and then head back home ... for some quilting. I cannot wait to see what you decide to do with the quilting on that sweet quilt for Kaydence.

  5. Clam shells in the charm squares so it will look like "owl feathers"


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