Monday, February 9, 2015

Finding Inspiration...

So I had a super fun and busy weekend...

My honey has been selling the Singer Featherweights he has had ready to sell for a while.. but we wanted to give time for people to get over the holidays :)  Well I guess they are ready to buy.. we have sold 3 packages (yes that includes a sewing machine too!) on eBay and facebook this weekend!  It was MARVELOUS... here is one of the ads we make..
He does the posing of the products and takes the pictures.. I then edit them and add any extras to the photo...

We enjoy doing this together :)

So after selling 3 of these packages .. and doing a bit of cross stitch... I am looking now for inspiration to start my next project...

Kaydence's Owl Quilt is my next project... it isn't a bit quilt.. about 48" square flimsy by estimation... but it is important that I do excellent work on this piece... It is to be for my first grandchild!  A grand daughter too :)

So initially there was gonna be no theme and just whatever I wanted to make her was fine... well as Kaydence is growing so much.. she is 24 weeks right now... mom now loves the idea of owls for Kaydence's room and a real theme has emerged for she and my son.  So I switched gears to a layer cake of owl themed fabric by Benartex called "Owlivia"...
And I am PATIENTLY waiting for today's mail to run and I should get these more solid reading batiks I found online on sale :)  Love supporting quilt shops online !!

So first my friend Wendy for this on Pinterest... and I loved the simplicity of it.. 
But I felt it was a bit too scrappy without a real theme once I knew they had a theme... What I mean is.. I couldn't picture the fabrics I chose showing off the owls in any way with that exact layout... so I did my own online search early one morning and found this quilt...
 I love more negative space for sure but I want mine using 5" charm squares.  You see my layer cake measures 10" square (important to put a ruler to your own to make sure they measure up or don't measure too big either!) ... So I will fussy cut some of the owl prints and just cut the rest in half twice to make over 86 charms from the layer cake :)

Here is my idea...
This will make a 48" square flimsy!  I love the idea of a bit larger quilt.. and i have some really cute butterfly fabric I will use in this quilt as well... Plus I am going to piece the backing to make it wide enough for this project so I will put an owl 10" square on the pieced backing !  Yahoo.. owls on BOTH sides !!!!

So I am really excited for the mail person to show up and deliver today's mail.  But remain stoked over our excellent job on earning money for a large bill we owe soon :)  Yippee for getting that paid too!

Have a blessed week whatever you have planned...

I am hoping as I delve into Kaydence's quilt that it will look in real life as cool as it looks in my head :)

Until I resurface...


  1. I like both of the quilts you show - have fun making your first grandchild a quilt!

  2. I too love both those quilts ... it would be hard to choose which one to go with. I can't wait to see yours when it's finished! I know it'll be gorgeous and that there will be love in every stitch.

  3. how much do you'll ask for a feather weight?

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the baby quilt.

  5. I like both quilts too! A great pattern for a baby quilt too. I just bought a layer cake to make a lap quilt for my daughter in law. I need to start on it as her b day is in May.


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