Sunday, January 18, 2015

Slow Valance Binding :)

Thanks for all the well wishes... I am feeling almost back to normal now which means I finally got the binding on the valance!  Yippee :)

I sew it down my machine to the front and then hand sew it to the back... however this is the shape of my valance before binding was added...
 It measures 62" across and 20" down.

I am planning a post on my decisions for binding but won't know the outcome until it has been finished and washed... so stay tuned for a meaty post about binding this zig zag edge and what I think of the decisions I made.  I opened this up a quilty facebook group I am a part of which spawned more info needed! lol

So the Sunny Side Up Charmer Valance will soon be a reality!!!

Here is a close up of the binding being held in place.. from the front side
And here is my progress early this morning... about 3/4 done with the zig zag edge which is where I started...
Here is a special pic I took this morning for my friend Kathy as I plan to link this post to her Slow Sunday Stitching post... you should come and take a look.  Today she is offering a giveaway if you post a blog post with our hand stitching in it... here is my pic...
And HERE is here linky party info :)

Well, my honey really wants this valance done now that I am feeling more like myself.. so time to get back to stitching for me.. hope you make time to do something crafty today!


  1. LOVE the hand stitching photo...thanks for sharing it! It is so cool...shows wonderful hand stitching, my favorite binding clips, and the word SHINE just pops out!

  2. looks great! love those binding clips although I do not have them - one day?

  3. So glad you're feeling better.

  4. Happy to hear you are getting back to yourself. Your binding is looking great.


  5. You did it! Isn't it great when a plan comes together. Did you end up using single binding or double? BTW, it looks great!

  6. What a great idea! I love the edging you designed for it and really look forward to seeing an 'in situ shot' soon :) Won't be long now!

  7. Yay!! it is beautiful. Glad you are feeling better!

  8. SO glad that you got to the binding! It's looking great!! I got a picture of my hand while doing some slow stitching but didn't have time to blog yesterday.

  9. the valance looks terrific. I've considered doing one for the studio but my spotlights shine on the window area and it would fade. Now that I hear about your travails, I know why I haven't seen you around the blog! Glad you're sewing again. I know from experience how much a removed tooth hurts. And for a long time! LeeAnna


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