Friday, January 16, 2015

Slow Stitching and Recovering...

Sorry I have been quiet on the bloggy front lately.. last weekend I had a tooth abcess on me and swell up fast!  I went to the dentist Monday morning and had it pulled as the infection had gotten so bad in such a short amount of time the dentist said best to get it out and I agreed!

But recovery has been a bit more painful and slower than expected... I have felt like that side of my face is recovering from a punch in that jaw! lol  Anyway... since I have been recovering and not ready to bind the valance because of the pain meds I am taking intermittently... I have had the urge to slow stitch :)
My progress on this project has been slow but enjoyable... I am in no rush to finish this so just working on it as I can... however this recovery time may change that a bit...
Just about 1/4 around the whole wall hanging if you can see my arrows :)

And here is a cool texture shot I caught this morning just after I moved the hoop some!  Yippee!!!

But as I mentioned there are other projects needing to be done too...
The valance needs its binding and hanging sleeve added then washed and hung.

My honey made me this totally rad design wall for the new sewing room... it is about 4 feet tall by almost 7 feet wide and is totally built in using a flannel backed table cloth, a piece of white batting that size, and topped with the beautiful mahogany stained wood with rosette corners!  Oh I am giddy to feel better and be sewing with this design board next to me!!!!

I finally found some fabric I liked and my honey liked it too... so we were happy to find it also on sale... for a new ironing board and a pillow for a chair in the room as well...
I think this will go with the room and the valance too :)

While picking up my pain medication I also picked up this photo from the local pharmacy I use... It is a collage print and was on sale... paid $12.00 for the print that I designed online... then used the frame I had from a long time ago when I had done this :)... check it out!

It was hard to find a glare free shot so this is a low glare shot anyway! lol

It has all my kids but 1 as I didn't see him in 2014.  This is full of memories from my Be Kind year :)

Hope you have a great weekend... I am returning to slow stitching for now but hope to have a catch up post on Sunday or Monday with more :)


  1. tooth problems are horrible aren't they - sorry you had to have it pulled and the pain that goes with it. I hope you recover from it soon and are able to get back to your quilting.

  2. You poor dear; sorry about that tooth. Hope you are feeling back to your self soon. I am green with envy every time I see your design wall. It is the prettiest one ever!! I don't have one, not even a flannel backed tablecloth pinned on the wall..... yet! You have some pretty projects going on... can't wait to see your valance when it's hung!

  3. Hope you are feeling better over that tooth pain soon. Love the wall display your hubby made. How fancy and pretty! The little quilt you are hand quilting is very pretty. Love your new fabric you found and great job on the family picture!

  4. Your quilting is really making your wall hanging come alive. I know I am in the hand quilting zone when I forget about finishing and just enjoy the stitching. Such a good feeling!


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