Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My honey's latest featherweight adventure :)

For all that follow me you know my honey services and sells Singer Featherweight sewing machines.  He really enjoys the entire process of servicing a machine and listening to it hum as only a Featherweight can!  I love watching him work on them.. and occasionally I share a little pic or two but today I want to let you in on a wonderful deal! 

Are you in the market for a new-to-you vintage machine in great shape??  You can check out our auction for this great quilters lot on eBay if you are interested by clicking here!

The Singer Featherweight machine with case and all these attachments only weighs 22 pounds!  It is a straight stitch machine that does forward and reverse... and with the attachments can even do zigzag and buttonholes... check out my honey's sewing!  And he is not a sewist either! lol
So if he can do this ... imagine all you could do with this machine and all the attachments...

So as I share this with you I am still working on some blocks of my the Byrum Family Quilt... not quilt ready for a reveal just yet but almost halfway done with this block type... so that is good.

Mainly I am enjoying the process of learning to piece all these parts precisely!  Huge improvement in my joy because I can now decide what stays in the quilt and what gets fixed!  Ha :)

The auction on eBay I shared above ends on Sunday... so check it out!  Hope you have a happy hump day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July Linky Loot winner!

Thanks to Deb A. for linking this month to the LINKY PARTY I have each month... end of the month...August dates are the 29th to the 31st that the Linky will be open.  Linky Loot will be chosen after the random draw of linkers is drawn... catered to their goals for the month!  Yippee :)

Here is July's Linky Loot... on it's way to Deb A already!!!
Deb linked this choc full of goals completed and future goals in her post HERE!  She blogs at if you want to view her lovely blog with inspirational header on your own and not through the link I provided :)

I fell in love with one of her current projects and found something I think she will enjoy adding to her quilting... or it may find a home in another future project maybe... look at this quilt top in progress she is making!
Congrats Deb!!!!

In the meantime, I am still working on the Byrum Family Quilt ... in the piecing phase... Me and my vintage machine Fiona are getting along great but life keeps getting in the way so today I voted for a "no driving" day for me... as I play taxi service to my teen daughter (better me than her driving yet I figure )... so today she will spend her day as a pedestrian and I hopefully will have some progress to share with you on Wednesday :)

Have a blessed day...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Do you web your quilt tops?

I do... do you know what webbing a quilt top is?  It is a little trick I noted watching Quilt Cams with Bonnie Hunter.. she talks about it on her blog in this article too!

You see the current quilt I am piecing to hand quilt has a center panel surrounded by lots of 2 1/2" & 4 1/2" squares in a pattern that I designed.  Here is the design..
And here it is in reality once webbed together to hold the pieces in place then stitched together as it was laid out....
I am loving how precise my piecing is becoming in this pic :)  Thanks Wendy Gontier!!!
The fabric at the bottom of the pic is the next border to go around.

This is the center of my design however and used fabrics I have been collecting for about a year all starting with this panel!  I am loving this project :D

The Byrum Family Quilt thus far has been lots of fun... now I am working on the next "circle" around the quilt of all different kinds of quilt blocks... and I am webbing each 12 1/2" block together for an easy finish too...

Hope you take time to read Bonnie's article... and let me know if you web or not when putting a top together... I am always looking for more accurate ways to piece a quilting puzzle together... do you have any tricks or tips?  Leave them in the comments... I reply to all comments too!

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Laundry List Linky Party Debut ~ July 2014

What a month this has been for me ;)  I am excited to see what YOU link up too!  And remember there is a fun gift for a LUCKY LINKER too!  This month I am trying something different and will contact the lucky linker at auction end.  The gift will go with their goals!!!  Yippee :)  So link it all up guys and gals!  I am reading them :)

This Linky Party is all about GOAL SETTING!  You see I have seen my fun improve with goal setting!  I want even more fun so I am having this linky party to allow us to encourage each other!!  So come on... Let us all List, Link and Party!!!!!

Here is my list from last month :)

 I had 8 goals for the month... but as I recall I also had included a few things I didn't think would happen but Connie was coming so I planned a LOT! lol

Let us see now what all those checkmarks are for...

 I finished and mailed Project RJq to it's happy recipient!  You can read about that finish here...

She was ecstatic and posted a pic with in on facebook for all to see :) 

And there is more to praise God over... she will not need chemo right now!  Her surgery was enough... PRAISE GOD for miracles for sure!!!

Next up was to finish Oh My Stars....  not only did it get finished but it is hanging in it's home now too!  You can read about that finish here...

No work has happened on my table topper really this month... I have 1 star flower finished that I showed last month...

but no more finished star flowers yet...

I did some reading on Quiltmaking by Hand by Jinny Beyer... I even added a fun checkmark to that post to denote that I just got in my reading goal a week before it was to be done! lol  See that on this post!

Organizing my stash is what I got did with Connie during her visit!   Yippee :)  It now looks fabulous and is very easy to navigate and see all that I do have... as my stash is still pretty small!  But I love everything in my stash... that is a huge bonus I think!

This cabinet my honey built... it stands about 7 feet tall and holds all "our" stuff... mainly mine... but he has some real estate here too! lol

Under my desk was the other place that needed organizing and tidying... so here you can see a pic of that!

Since we weren't sure of final names for everything I didn't officially label it all with my label maker... we used little coordinating sticky notes I had on hand... and they are still there!  But we are not ready for permanent labeling quite yet....

My honey is putting doors with storage on the front of it!  So excited for this to get finished... but it is a BIG project.  He has covered cabinet in beadboard as well as the doors he built!  And we are using wooden thread spools for handles!  Can't wait to show you when it is finished :)

One thing I have not done... and it got the big circle up there on the list... is to get my blog more organized and have all these finishes I have done easy to find for me or anyone interested... so that will come more into focus for me this coming month I think.

And finally.... I have revealed some of the Byrum Family Quilt here :)

Now to make my upcoming goals!  And just let me say... this part is much easier after you have a list... notice my first items are what didn't get a check mark from last month...

Linking these goals met and made to Sarah's Confessions of a Fabric Addict... as I am whooping with happiness over my progress this month!  Check her blog out while you are there.. she is full of inspiration!  And has a big giveaway planned or today too!

So here we go... I have a busy month ahead even though I only have 6 items listed... school starts back for my dd.. & she is having a birthday party this weekend... she turns 16!!! and is my youngest :)

Now it is YOUR turn!  Link up a post to inspire yourself to move forward in all areas of your life... or just stick to the crafty creative side.  Link it up THIS WEEKEND and take time to read where others are at... maybe you have been there and can offer assistance in a blog reply :)

List, Link, & Party!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Linky Party almost here!!!

Today is Tuesday.. I haven't been chatting much about my monthly linky but it is still gonna be here for you THIS WEEKEND!  So get your post ready.. think about where you have been and where you are going with your quilting or other stuff too... write about it in a blog post and link it up!

And yes, for my faithful followers... I changed the icon and the name..

I really want this linky to reflect all goals.. not just quilty ones :)  But don't fret as there will still be a PRIZE for the lucky linker!!!  That won't stop for sure... and prizes right now come from my quilting stash & deals I find with all of you goal setters in mind!!!!

So ponder it a bit as you go through your week... write a fun post about what you have done... what you hope to get accomplished in the next month.. and link up here anytime this weekend!


Meanwhile.. I did get a bit of slow stitching in.. doing embroidery on my current project I am piecing...
 Hope your week is fabulous.. and hope you make time for yourself to write some goals!  And share them with us :) 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fun Flying Geese :)

Today I want to share something I worked on yesterday and finished this morning!
Check out all the cool prints.. and I just used 6... let's rewind a bit and I can show you :)

Here are 5 stacks of 4 each of finished flying geese.. waiting to be "strung" lol!

I used the easy angle ruler and companion angle ruler I had in my stash.. never had used them before but knew flying geese would be in my future :)

I had several methods of making them I researched but finally decided on staying tried and true and minimize unsecured bias by going the easy angle way and use Bonnie Hunter's vid here.

So with rotary cutter carefully in hand I cut ONE flying goose...

It turned out good I think... so then I just cut out all the pieces!!! Now to put them together keeping the pairs I cut matched during the sewing process!  This is how the process went for me...
Lay them all out as they will go .. pairs are left together from when they were cut together :)

Chain piece the left "sky" to the "goose"... mine are cute snails :)

After all left skies are in place put them back in order as you free them from the chain... only do about 4 at a time :)
Get your right sky ready now... time to add it... First finger press the let sky back though.. VERY IMPORTANT!

When putting the right sky on make sure your overlap is there.  I will show you why to watch this below!

Tahdah!  A flying goose!!! Finger press before ironing and make sure they measure up though :)

Now press all those 4 flying geese.  I prefer no steam when piecing.

When I add this flying goose to my other geese... look what I got!

Notice in this pic above my sting of geese is leaning a bit to the right.. I fixed that issue.  Check the pic at the top again... those are all perfect geese!  Showing this so you will be careful when sewing your sting of geese together too!

Another pitfall I found with this block is that careful cutting and figuring is required as well as very careful sewing... I resewed quite a bit to get the results I did.  Piecing just doesn't come naturally for me yet..but I am working on it.

A huge shout out to my friend Wendy!  She helped me perfect my goose making skills :)

Here was my problem area.. The top center did not overlap well on all of my initial flying geese... I had to go back and resew many... so don't cut those pesky dog ears off until your goose is cooked! lol  Other words... make sure it is right first.. you can't take back cut fabric.

 Here is with the right sky resewn... Much better and...
 It measures up!  Now iron and remove your dog ears..
Joining the flying geese was really easy... so I did not take pics of that.. but you may not have a 1/4" seam to get the points to show... some of my seams are 1/8" on the geese to get a nice point otherwise.

Now it is your turn.. what method do you use for making flying geese.  Do you like this unit or is it one you would pass on ?  I have several quilting friends that love them and several that avoid them... lol!

I also enjoyed spending the day with my honey for his BIRTHDAY!  We celebrated properly when Connie was here... and he got a new woodworking tool he wanted.. but his fave gift was all the well wishes he got and this cute truck we found on eBay and we got for him...
He repairs featherweights basically exclusively now.. and loves it.. so this went immediately to a treasured home I will share another day.. as this post is long enough! lol

Hope to hear back from you on what you think of flying geese!  Love em or hate em I think mine turned out cute as can be!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Learning about 4 patches...

The last 2 days have been filled with strip piecing 4 patches and cutting them into their pairs.. have you made 4 patches before?

I had not I guess because I learned there is a special way to iron a 4 patch to get it to lay nice and flat!  Yippee :)

Once I figured there was a secret I searched more vids... and found THIS great vid by Billie Lauder on how to lay out my strips for quick cutting.
pressing to the dark...

Then I watched this follow up vid also by Billie Lauder where she explains the way to press them HERE!
4 patch anatomy ~ before finger pressing...

Finger pressed open now

Ironed flat now...

Tahdah!  The finished 4 patch :)
Both vids are only 5 minutes total but worth a watch.. or 2 .. or 3 times as it goes FAST! lol :)  ha!

I also managed to do some reading yesterday... I was so happy that the mood struck...  I decided to open Jinny Beyer's book ~ Quiltmaking by Hand ~ randomly but toward the beginning of the book...  the topics were quilting notions and prewashing stash! lol  I loved reading about the history of chatelaines and such... but hearing more preaching about prewashing all fabrics was getting a bit over heard for me lately.  GOAL MET!

I have totally been absorbed in designing and now making this quilt.. I am very excited with all of the process thus far!

Did you already know how to do the 4 patch twist or was this new to you?  This is my 13th quilt.. how come I never made a proper 4 patch before now ??  None of my quilts had 4 patches .. until now! lol  And I have no idea why either... as I am truly enjoying the process of placing them around the spot the center panel I showed you yesterday will go...
Come back to see what else is new.. as I am learning something all the time and love to share what I learn.. plus it gives me an easy reference if I need to review the info later :)

My honey is even being quilty today... in a way... he is preparing some new featherweights for sale!  Isn't this a cool shot I got as he was using the morning light to do his work! :)

Have a blessed weekend!  I will be sewing together 4 patches and such.. what about you?