Friday, December 12, 2014

Whooping a busy and productive week!

It seems like it has been a while since I really felt like whooping .. but this week I really really do!  How about you???  Hop on over to Sarah's & see what everyone is whooping about... join in too!!

The Byrum Family Quilt post will come out on Christmas Day. 

When the receiving family opens it... it is safely tucked under their Christmas tree :)

I finally gathered AND WASHED all the fabrics for an upcoming quilting adventure.  

Here the batiks fabrics have been all pressed and are ready...
You can see it best as my blog header though... and here is more of a true color of the green solid I will use.. This all still needs to be ironed.
I will use these fabrics to make a quilt similar to this Hollyhock Garden pattern...
I think it will be delightful!  Still waiting on the backing fabric to arrive but I have plenty of time to wait on that! lol  And I must ponder a name for this quilt as well.. for now it will be Batik Hollyhock Quilt :)

Then there is my current project which just is ready for quilting now...

This is called Wish Upon a Vintage Star and measures about 36" x 46"... it will go in my foyer when finished :) 
got my latest flimsy pin basted and ready for quilting!  Yippee :)

So as you read this I will be in slow stitching heaven and thinking about cutting into those batiks!  They are sooo yummy!!!

Have a Happy Friday and a Blessed Weekend!


  1. Your batiks are gorgeous! I'll be curious to see how you do with handquilting them. I've always heard that they're difficult to handquilt.

  2. Oh, sounds like you have the next few things all lined up! So exciting to start new things. Love the hollyhock quilt. That will look pretty in your fabrics.

  3. Looking forward to how you are hand quilting those wonderful stars. Your new project looks like fun!

  4. I like those spinners garden quilts - that'll be a fun one. Your star quilt is pretty! It's so nice to having something ready for the quilting to start - a fun stage!

  5. You have had a busy week! Lots of beautiful things to whoop about!


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