Friday, December 19, 2014

Hooping Progress & a little Christmas too :)

I am really excited about my progress this week with no deadline on this project... I am half done with the white areas on this project...
I am still using the hoop and I am LOVING it!

And today I got some packages too...

Stencils for the borders coming up on this wall hanging...
 And a new pair of flip flops!!! lol
My daughter likes my new black ones.. and the grey ones have served their time :)

My honey got a cool little bitty oil can this week too!

And we have finally started to decorate for Christmas!!!  Pics on that coming as we aren't finished yet... but I do have lovely shots to show you of my friend Connie's Christmas tree...

Isn't her space cute!!!  We sent her the sewing machine case for her Class 15 clone machine.. check out the pics she got of the loot we sent her...

Needless to say we are all excited the shipping of Christmas is now behind us and we can enjoy the season for what it REALLY is now... Jesus birthday :)

I am linking this quilty Christmas post to Sarah Whooping Friday Linky HERE!
     Check out Callie and her inspirational quilt at the bottom of her post too!

Hope however you are spending this season you can reflect on what is important to you :)

Happy Christmas Season and ...


  1. Your hand stitching is looking lovely. And that sewing case is just beautiful.

  2. Love your quilting pattern! I've played with three hoops and found I like the smaller round one like you are using best.

  3. I live in flip flops during the summer and am on the lookout for ones that are comfortable and will hold up to frequent wearing. What kind are yours and where did you get them?

    I'm so glad that you're still enjoying quilting in a hoop. Your stitching is looking fabulous!

  4. glad to see you are enjoying your hoop - they are great aren't they! I can't wear flip flops as the space between the toe gets bothered too much and hurts - i always wear sandals that I can just slip on in warm weather but anytime it gets cold I am in thick socks and a clog winter shoe

  5. I like Connie's tree. Perfect for a small place like her's. I really like that stencil you got for the borders on your quilt.

  6. Glad to see that you are liking the hoop. It is fun to quilt withoutva deadline. The beige Universal sure is sweet.


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