Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hooping It!

Yep, I may be a convert.. still undecided but I LOVE the way this is looking...
This circle is 9" across and part of this wall hanging I am hand quilting...
Don't think you can see but I marked this stencil onto my flimsy BEFORE layering...  This picture also shows how I rolled up the edges of my backing to cover the batting and flimsy edges to protect them while hand stitching!  I love this idea.. another idea I found in a facebook group :)

Here is the stencil I used...
This stencil actually measures 7" square but put on point as I have it measures 8 1/2" across which was PERFECT for these circles!  I used Fons & Porter graphite lightly for marking ... it is coming off as I stitch :)

So what is up with turning to a hoop???

My quilty friends have influenced me and I had the hoop generously sent to me by someone who had an extra they didn't use at all... well now I am using it!!!  I will give more feedback as I use the hoop more :)

I LOVE the stitches I am making.  It measures 16" across and is PERFECT to hold my work as I stitch!

I am using wool batting for this wall hanging as it makes the quilt pattern pop and I wanted that here...
 We have also finished the last of our Christmas shopping this week!  My 16 year old dd wanted a HUGE..
Teddy Bear!  So my honey is giving her this 4 1/2 foot tall one he found at Big Lots!  Who knew???!!!

And we are finally decorating areas that have been cleaned and organized the last few weeks... 
 this corner was our "everything without a home lands here" spot... now it is so happy looking with my Fiona in her hand made case and our Willcox-Gibbs treadle head... there are a few old oil cans that we picked through for showing off from our collection and the cool thermometer there... The sewing machine picture was a puzzle gift from my bestie Connie last year and we worked it and I shared that here... it is now hanging where it belongs :)  My dd's artwork is the car by the beach... soon that will be a wall hanging there I will fashion.  But for now I enjoy her artwork a lot!  No rush to change it over yet.  She painted this the year before we moved to Florida :)

Time for me to return to Slow Stitching to Christmas Carols :)  Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching HERE

Hope you take time to relax and get some sewing done!


  1. Looks wonderful Kathi! I bet you will soon find it hard to hand quilt without a hoop. The tension really helps to make those lovely stitches. Your stitches are looking quite lovely on the solid background!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful Kathi. Love the pattern and your stitches are wonderful.

  3. Your stencil is perfect for your project. Enjoy your stitching today!

  4. Your quilting looks wonderful. I do like the stitch definition that the wool batting is giving it.

  5. glad that you are enjoying your beautiful stitching in the hoop AND I think that teddy bear needs a quilt? :) :)

  6. Love how that wool batt pops the stitching... I must try it!
    Will be interested to see what you find about using a hoop.

  7. Hmmm, bailing on me and becoming a hoop person, huh? LOL I love DD's painting. I will gladly take it off your hands when you hang your wall hanging. I may have to try some wool batting. I love how it shows the stitching design.

  8. I love this stencil, and your quilting is looking great! Have you previously been stitching in hand? I have been dubious about the hoop too.

  9. Love that you're giving a hoop a try. Good for you! I can't imagine quilting without one, but that's one of the joys of quilting ... there are so many different ways from Point A to Point B. ;-)

  10. I just started using a hoop too - still get used it as it feels a bit cumbersome, but I'm just realising that having lots of needles threaded and not moving the hoop every 5 minutes makes a difference! I love the design you're quilting, it's so fluid, look forward to seeing how you progress :)

  11. Those hand done stitches look fabulous. And it must be cozy to sit snuggled under a quilt while working on it. Good for you guys getting everything tidied up. Fiona looks happy!


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