Sunday, December 7, 2014

Candle Mats Finished via Slow Stitching!

As I was working out my Wish Upon a Vintage Star Wall Hanging layout I started looking for a template I bought for the next project I had planned.  WELL...

I looked and looked... my honey looked and looked... finally I caved and decided it was time to go buy another to do the pattern I had in mind... so JUST before we left my honey looked one last place I had already searched SEVERAL times and HE FOUND IT!!!

So I snapped this shot as I look through my camera a lot when choosing fabrics... I was sooo happy to find this template to make these candle mats as a nice Christmas present for my mom & dad :)  The pattern is called Periwinkle Mug Rug by MSQC or just click THIS link to go to it on Youtube!
So I got one put together... and got so excited at how quick and easy it was that I made up the second one I had cut out to be just the same :)

Here to the right is a pic I took of the 1st one put together on the right and the second layered up.

Jenny calls for thin iron on fleece but I just used some thin cotton batting I had leftover from a quilt and cut it to match the top I had made... turned that all over faces together with the backing and sewed it up like Jenny shows...  this worked great and decreased my stash not my pocketbook!

I chose to sew up the hole for turning and did so before starting to hand quilt this cute candle mat...
And before you know it the hand quilting I started this morning...
 was completed and washed and dried...

But something was missing... no tag for something like this so how to sign my work???
 With an archival quality fine tipped pen I signed this piece above.. and because my daughter was sweet enough to help me some with this project...
She added her "BC" to the back as well!

Now they are ready to show off!

The finished Candle Mats measure 11" across at the widest point.  They are very easy to put together and all you need is the vid, template and a bit of fabric you like.  I machine pieced with Aurifil thread 50/2 and hand quilted using YLI 40/3 natural.

Because of all my slow stitching this weekend I am linking this up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching HERE.
Also, because this is fun and easy I am linking to Karen at Sew Many Ways HERE!
Now to get back to my wall hanging and get it into a flimsy to layer and quilt! :)

Have a happy Sunday all!


  1. Such pretty candlemats... with lovely hand quilted texture!
    Congrats on finishing your family quilt... that was an amazing project!

  2. The candle mats are great and would make a great gift! You whipped them up quickly!

  3. What a pretty gift! Love the quilting.

  4. I usually don't find my lost item until I replace it--haha! Sweet gift!

  5. So pretty!

    I was just looking for my spare bottle of ketchup and didn't see it until the second time :)

  6. The candle mats are sweet. That was a bit of luck finding the template Before you went to buy another! I usually find things After I buy a replacement. LOL

  7. Turned out great. It is fun to do these quick projects, especially after working on such a long term one.

  8. I would rather make a gift than buy it any day! Lovely gifts you have made!

  9. The candle mats are just beautiful! I've popped over from Slow Stitching Sunday and so glad I did!


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