Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Week's Progress :)

I have tried to keep up in blog world but may not have managed to visit all my regular stops as I have been busy stitching!!!!

I finished the bottom row had started last weekend... and now I am on the BORDER of this large queen quilt :) 
Finish date is the 28th and I think I am on track to have the border finished and the binding on and washed and photographed by then... we shall see!!!!

Here is my progress on the border design I finally decided on..
They are CIRCLES!  I used a bowl and Bohin colored chalk to mark my circles on the border.

And since I have finished the bottom border now I know it takes THIRTY (30) circles to fill a border on each side.  So I have 90 circles to stitch this week!  Plus I am basting the binding edge as I finish a border side so I am ready to bind as soon as the borders are all done!!!

The chalk washes off easily (what little remains you can see in the stitched pics) with a spray bottle of water and paper towels to wash away the colored chalk! :)  Always TEST your plan for marking on the fabric you will mark to make sure it will be removable though :)

Also this week we did a major fix of our van and have it ready to pick up my bestie at the airport Monday.. she is coming for a visit from Tennessee :)  Yippee!

And I am excited this cute 301A found a home with my new friend Judy!  She picked up her new machine this week and so far they are enjoying getting to know each other :)  Yippee!
So I will return to slow stitching quickly to finish up this great quilt for my brother and his family.

Keep my fingers and sweet stitches in our prayers please!  And also safe travels for Connie!

I am linking this post up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching... where I showed my progress last week! :)

Have a blessed week!


  1. I would hate to work with a deadline - I hope you finish it when you need to - roll those shoulders and stretch those fingers now and then so they will last :)

  2. Good luck with you deadline. You will be stitching circles in your sleep. Visiting from Slow Sunday Stitching.

  3. Good luck with the finish on this beautiful quilt. I love the chalk and bowl idea. The circles look great in that border.

  4. You'll make it my friend. Your brother's family will truly enjoy snuggling together under this quilt.

  5. You are making terrific progress... I just know you can do it!
    You will have lots of time for stitching as you are visiting with your friend!

  6. So close and yet so far! Awesome quilt. Good luck on your finish. I like the improv quilt template too.

  7. I love using bowls for templates too! I love the way the circles look on your border. Looks like you may make your deadline.

  8. Loving the pretty blue border. You have made wonderful progress. What fun to have a bestie for a visit. Enjoy.


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