Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 2014 ~ My Laundry List Updated :)

What a fast paced month this has been!!! Here is my UPDATED list for November...
Other than a wall hanging project I had started in the midst of handquilting this large Byrum Family Quilt... I think I needed to spend a little time with Gloria too (Gloria is my Singer 301A) ... I have met all my goals for the month!  Some not as expected and LOTS got added!!! lol  Isn't that how life goes though??

Byrum Family Quilt is almost ready to be gifted!!!!
I finished the circles that made up the outermost border...
Used chalk pencil by Bohin and a bowl to mark with :)

Interlocking circle design stitched in place :)
 Then basted the very edge...
Basting all around the edges for a smooth n easy binding!
 Finally it was time to prepare my final decision on binding fabric!
a creamy light chocolate mottled binding :)  It will bring back to the outer edges what there is plenty of throughout the center parts of the quilt as in the above shot :)

So this weekend... this is where you WILL find me!

Playing with Wonder Clips ( love them for binding!!!)  I used Jenny Doan with MSQC vid HERE for binding and followed her most all the way... because my quilt is so large I didn't cut the excess until after I had sewn down the binding and it all turned out sooo nice!  Thanks Jenny! lol

What I like most about her way of adding the binding is how easily she begins and ends the binding ... worth a watch and consideration for sure!

Music... aka Pandora... has really been prevelent in my quilting time.  Billy Joel, Elton John, 70's rock has been fun to listen to... but now wondering if it might be time to listen to some Christmas faves!  Even though it is a bit chilly this year here on Florida's east coast there is no snow coming for Christmas ... we haven't started decorating yet either and because we are in a cleaning cycle right now we my not decorate as soon as I would like! lol

Sooo.. back to my list after that little jaunt :) lol

Family time is flourishing around here... mainly because we are hosting a whole house clean up! lol  Do you like that we are HOSTING!???

You see in my home we have my 16 year old daughter and 2 of my 3 grown sons... they are not the best cleaners so we have no decided it is time for a clean and spray all over the house... living in Florida bugs can be problematic... we don't have them and don't want them... so we are cleaning or encouraging self cleaning all the house... YES IN THE MIDST OF MY QUILTING DEADLINE! lol

So we are cleaning, I am quilting every spare minute or spending time chatting with my honey or my kids lately... turning on tunes for an extended session has been luxury time for me and time to recover from cleaning too! lol

Before the whole house cleaning started here my bestie Connie came for a visit for a few days...
November is usually so warm she even had beachside hotel time planned and followed through but it was our coldest day on record in many years that day with high winds and such so she decided to quilt.. and quilt while she was here she also did...

She was working on a quilt for her oldest granddaughter... her granddaughter Jaycee is about 10 years old and picked out all the fabrics for the quilt and arranged 4 patches in the quilt.  There are blocks that she colored with crayon as well... as did Connie, Jaycee's mom, and Joycee's little sister... so this is a very special quilt she brought to work on for a christmas present!  FUN!!!

While Connie was here I focused on remaking a well loved but worn out pillow that was my first hand quilting.  I made it in October or so of 2011.

 From the moment it was turned into a pillow with a LOT of my mom's help it as loved by my honey as my first finished piece... and he says it is just the perfect size snuggle pillow too!  So Connie taught me to use a light board to transfer designs to fabric...
And away I stitched for 1 1/2 days to make this whole cloth top while Connie could show me how to make it myself into a pillow... I just didn't get all the little nuances in making it look professional and her pillows ROCK!
In the end I found it very easy but thought provoking to make the quilted top into a pillow and def something I could do on my own now :)

Best of all my honey LOVES the more sturdy but soft and cuddly replacement!!! :D
 So I happily diverted time from the Byrum Family Quilt... for this project and just relaxing time with my bestie and my honey and my kids... it was grand!

Finally, I will leave you with a view of fabrics for my next big quilt... a quilt for our living room!

 Here is a pic Connie caught during her stay of our sweet Daisy Mae :)
 And if you are in the US I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!  We sure did :)
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Cheers for meeting goals month after month.. not just for a blog party :)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Laundry List Linky Party right HERE allll weekend!

Welcome to the November edition of my Laundry List Linky Party!!!!

Laundry List Linky is all about showing off what you recently completed with PICS... and what you plan to work on in the next month with pics... because of the time of year you may not want certain pics in your post... then describe them well so we can enjoy your words instead of pics! lol

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So come on and join in...

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I will be linking MY progress on the Byrum Family Quilt over the weekend too!  So come and have a look at what everyone is up to!  PLEASE LEAVE BLOGGY LOVE TOO!  We all love comments!

Have a happy weekend!  Please feel FREE to email me with any questions you have about the link up or posting to the link up!  I am happy to help :)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

There is so much to be thankful for....

Have a wonderful Thursday... Thanksgiving for those in the USA!

I am on the homestretch before binding on the Byrum Family quilt... I am very Thankful :)

Come and link up tomorrow or anytime this weekend for my Laundry List Linky Party!  

Just post lots of pics of recently finished and soon to come projects and blog about them and link them up here anytime all weekend!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Quilty Pillow Talk

For about 6 months I have planned to remake the first quilted thing I did... a pillow that my honey has since slept with EVERY night! lol  I never knew it would become his lovey of sorts... So finally.. during a visit from my bestie Connie... I remade that pillow!
Here it is fresh out of the dryer... and snuggly approved!

So let's now back up a bit... I was overwhelmed with how to make a good STURDY long lasting pillow... so I chose high quality fabrics and high quality thread for hand quilting and sewing the pillow together once quilted.

I also wanted to use the SAME pattern I had quilted on the original pillow....
you can see the center of the muslin sandwich my wonderful teacher gave me to show off my first stitches well... just wasn't made for every day use :)  But back then who knew it would become a heirloom of sorts... my first quilted piece... the pillow was put together by my mom... and enjoyed over 3 years now by my honey.. so upgrade we did!!!
When Connie got settled in we chose fabric... I found a lightboard my daughter uses I decided to borrow for this job.... and I traced the pattern onto the chosen fabric with graphite...

 Then I made my quilt sandwich and pinned VERY WELL!!  I even used nicer fabric for my backing some vintage white fabric that should hold up to many washings in the future this time :)
Here are my first stitches and I focused throughout the day and a half it took me to stitch this 14" square pattern onto my fabric sandwich to make it a wholecloth pillow top!
Although you can't see the pattern very well I used a dark blue grey thread for the stitching... my honey is in love with this pattern! lol  He says it is just perfectly quilty for sleeping with! lol

Here are some shots of Connie and I stitching...

She came in town from Tennessee on Monday and decided to stay beach side a couple nights and really treat herself... so beach side she stitched on her granddaughters snuggle quilt.  Her granddaughter is 10 I think and picked out lots of fabrics used in this quilt as well as colored the blocks in the quilt... it is really looking good and I am sorry I didn't get a full shot to share with all of you!  But it has a very neat story...

We endured the cooler temperatures as much of the country endured deep freezes and snow by quilting !!! lol

So now it was time for Connie to teach me how to make the top into a pillow!

First I marked with a pen and scissor cut along that line just the bottom of the quilt sandwich... the BACKING side is cut to your specific pillow form size plus seam allowances... my pillow form has been washed and was now 15" square so I cut mine to 16" giving me about 15 1/2" finished pillow.

Then pin those layers together... this was a great opportunity to use the new pins Connie just gave me not too long ago :)  We enjoyed using them! ...

I made the back of my pillow a envelope style close that was double thickness for durability and used Best Press on the crease to help it not buckle there with washing... it washed well and no future ironing will need to be done I think....

Hope you have enjoyed this Quilty Pillow Talk post :)

Sorry I haven't been more bloggy but get ready for a busy week on my blog... I have much still to share and going back to the circles on the Byrum Family Quilt and I have solidified future projects and some order there... so I have lots going on... Do you Follow Me???  Now is a great time to follow me as I have a finish and some totally fab projects in the horizon if you enjoy my style!

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Have a blessed Slow Sunday Stitching... I am linking this post up just with Kathy as well.. as my Sunday will be slow stitching circles... I am currently 50% done with the border and need to finish it and get it bound and washed !!!!

May you find Joy in your Stitches today :) 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

One Week's Progress :)

I have tried to keep up in blog world but may not have managed to visit all my regular stops as I have been busy stitching!!!!

I finished the bottom row had started last weekend... and now I am on the BORDER of this large queen quilt :) 
Finish date is the 28th and I think I am on track to have the border finished and the binding on and washed and photographed by then... we shall see!!!!

Here is my progress on the border design I finally decided on..
They are CIRCLES!  I used a bowl and Bohin colored chalk to mark my circles on the border.

And since I have finished the bottom border now I know it takes THIRTY (30) circles to fill a border on each side.  So I have 90 circles to stitch this week!  Plus I am basting the binding edge as I finish a border side so I am ready to bind as soon as the borders are all done!!!

The chalk washes off easily (what little remains you can see in the stitched pics) with a spray bottle of water and paper towels to wash away the colored chalk! :)  Always TEST your plan for marking on the fabric you will mark to make sure it will be removable though :)

Also this week we did a major fix of our van and have it ready to pick up my bestie at the airport Monday.. she is coming for a visit from Tennessee :)  Yippee!

And I am excited this cute 301A found a home with my new friend Judy!  She picked up her new machine this week and so far they are enjoying getting to know each other :)  Yippee!
So I will return to slow stitching quickly to finish up this great quilt for my brother and his family.

Keep my fingers and sweet stitches in our prayers please!  And also safe travels for Connie!

I am linking this post up with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching... where I showed my progress last week! :)

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Finally down to the bottom :)

I have been quickly slow stitching since my last post on the Byrum Family Quilt... I am now on the bottom of the quilt working on this block...
I was just getting started on this block when I snapped this shot.  My friend Wendy embroidered this piece in 2004 and mailed it to me to go into this quilt... it now holds the bottom center place of honour!

So the top border and sides are all done... just have 3 B's left on this quilt and the clock is ticking for the finish too!  I have:
Bottom stitching ~ Started now :)
Border stitching ~ Have a quick n easy idea there!
Binding ~ Have the fabric ;)

So if I am not too chatty coming up please stick with me... just trying to make headway on this quilt... the deadline is Thanksgiving weekend to have it done, washed, and photographed :)

My honey is pondering ideas for great photos of this queen sized wonder!

Speaking of photos... Last Sunday we posted this pic on a few facebook groups...
These machines in their cases are now all sold!  Yippee :)

Now my honey is working on painting one RED!  It is gonna be AWESOME!

Don't forget my upcoming Linky Party!  There is a special giveaway for Black Friday linkers!!!
I am linking my quilty progress to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching HERE!  Check out her blog post while too as she makes important points about focusing on your slow stitching amidst the chaos of life :)

Until I post again... Happy Stitching &...