Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Hump Day & a WINNER!

Each month I so look forward to seeing progress posted for those that link up to my LINKY PARTY!  It is so inspiring for me to see what everyone is up to but the progress THEY make inspires me just by reading the posts :)  And I did finish my block!

Another fun part is picking out LINKY LOOT! for a lucky linker at my LINKY PARTY... this months winner was Michele in Maryland with her post.  I am hoping to hear back from her winning email to fill her stash with some linky loot :)

Novembers Linky Party is slated for Thanksgiving weekend.. and I am planning something extra fun for early linkers!!!  So plan ahead and spend some of Black Friday planning a blog post good for linking up with me & see what happens :)
In the meantime I am stitching on this cute school house block...
Which signifies I have quilted all the sides and only have the top, bottom, corners, and outer border left to quilt on this baby.

I had a really nice chat with my brother this morning ... we rarely get to chat these days... and as this quilt if for him and his beautiful family...
I am now motivated more than ever to meet my Thanksgiving deadline for being done with this project :)
I am quilting outside that red square now :)
Please keep my quilting in your prayers as this deadline is only a month away.. Hopefully I will have a finished quilt to share with you by the next LINKY PARTY! lol

Have a Quilty Hump Day!


  1. You have a way to go on your quilt but I know you will make it. I still haven't figured out the link up thing. You can show me Thursday hopefully.

  2. Good luck - do one little thing around the house and then the 'reward' is 20-30 minutes of quilting.

  3. I think your making real progress and if you keep at it, it should get done in time. Your brother and his family are going to be so thrilled. Congrats to Michele, Mickey looks so happy that she won.


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