Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Featherweight Fun!

Many of you know that my honey buys and refurbishes and sells Singer Featherweight sewing machines.  So we see lots and lots of stuff come in ... yet  what we sell is very organized and made to be just so... so in our adventures of featherweight buying we have started a collection of sorts of old antique sewing machines and parts for them...

Here is a tool that we found a couple months ago in a featherweight we bought...
We were unsure of it's true purpose... so my honey researched it and found it was actually a needle threader and seam ripper... yet we still were perplexed on how to use it to thread sewing machines....

Then yesterday when a new Featherweight came in we found instructions, revision of instructions and the original package for the tool...
So we now know this tool is a needle threader & seam ripper!!  And it was made in the mid 1930's :)


So just thought I would share this fun little praise report with you.

I am also stitching away but will show progress on Friday at the LINKY PARTY!!!!

Have a blessed week!


  1. Yes, very cool. It's amazing how things like this work out. I have never seen one. I hope to find a FW table one day in my travels.

  2. Looks easy once you find out how, doesn't it. LOL I had my MIL's Feather Weight and sold it in a garage sale before I got into sewing. Still kicking myself.

  3. My Husqvarna Viking sewing machine has a built in needle threader that I still haven't figured out how to use. I should check to see if there is a you tube video on it LOL I love going to flea markets and antique stores to find unusual things and guess what they are.

  4. So neat! I need to get out the instructions and see what some of the extra's are with my Grammy's 301. I have the instruction booklet and all the parts.... just need to start exercising her more!


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