Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Weekend of Accomplishments!

With Fall in Florida comes more moderate temperatures, less bugs, and feelings of accomplishment..

My honey finished the painting and refurbishing on this great sewing machine..

It is a Singer Featherweight 221... it was in great working order but the paint job was showing it's vintage age.  So my honey took 2 months of all his spare time to strip it, clean it all out, prime it, paint it, decal it, topcoat it.... then he did all that to the foot pedal and buttonholer.  This will be part of a package we will be advertising in the near future :)

My Darling Daughter ready for Homecoming :)

 And here is a shot of her with her date (her boyfriend of 4 months!) :)

And I am quilting between all the excitement happening around me :)

I have finished 2 of the block pairs ....
 Love the patriotic cow centers too :)

This block pair has tulip centers from a lovely fabric I got a fat quarter of for my sis in law.. she loves tulips so this center just seemed perfect when pulling fabrics for this pair :)

Now I am working on this block and soon will be on it's twin that also has the square in a squares near it so will do them as a block pair as well!

Here is the whole quilt.. so you can get perspective .. it is about 95" square before washing :)

And a Happy Reminder....

Don't miss your chance to get organized over the upcoming holiday season approaching... make a list... link it up and PARTY... and someone will WIN LINKY LOOT too!!!

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Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching as all this stitching is done by hand :)


  1. Your daughter is beautiful and I love your Featherweight!

  2. Oh what a pretty featherweight and daughter! Your husband does beautiful work! Let me know when it becomes available.

  3. Your pretty DD was the belle of the homecoming, I am certain. That is some FW. He did an excellent job. It will do well wearing that rich blue. The quilting gives the blocks nice dimension. The more stitching accomplished most likely motivates you to do more?

  4. I love the 1/4" away from the seam line quilting too :)
    Enjoy your stitching today!
    Just love that refurbished featherweight... gorgeous!

  5. You're making such great progress! Your daughter is a beauty ... and she's really growing up ... how she's changed since the last time you shared a picture. Someone needs to tell these kiddos that they need to stop growing up! ha! What a fine job your honey did on that featherweight ... it won't "sit on the shelf" long.

  6. That Feather Weight is gorgeous and so is DeeDee in her homecoming dress. She is going to be a heart breaker. Great progress on the quilt.

  7. Your husband did an amazing job, it looks beautiful as does your daughter.


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