Friday, October 31, 2014

Setting a Weekend Goal :)

I am really pushing to get the Byrum Family Quilt to the outer border stage... I have the middle all done as well as the sides and am now working on the top and bottom... recently I finished this cute School House Block...
There are still marking lines on the scallops but I will remove those with a water bottle ;)  Just wanted to share a dry block with you all first! lol

I also like the heart I added over the doorway.  This was a challenging block to piece and it has been a joy to quilt!  So happy I could just Whoop over that!!!  I am linking this happy post to Sarah  at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop Friday LINKY PARTY!

I also managed to get those flying geese quilted though though most of it won't show till washed :)

So I am setting a weekend goal for quilting...

To finish this section of the top left that measures 12" x 18" ...
These are Jacobs Ladder blocks but when put together I think they look like the Christian fish symbol... and as wholesome as this quilt it I hope my plan for quilting this block set as a whole will make it really accentuate that!

You can see the whole quilt here...
This pic was during pinning... so imagine about 60% of this is quilted now... I am on the final thrust of quilting until I am to the outer border!  That is definitely Whoopable!!!! lol

My honey FINALLY got this gorgeous machine put up for sale on eBay!  Whoop Whoop!
We are hoping it will make someone's Christmas very special!

So that is our weekend... what are you planning for the weekend??

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happy Hump Day & a WINNER!

Each month I so look forward to seeing progress posted for those that link up to my LINKY PARTY!  It is so inspiring for me to see what everyone is up to but the progress THEY make inspires me just by reading the posts :)  And I did finish my block!

Another fun part is picking out LINKY LOOT! for a lucky linker at my LINKY PARTY... this months winner was Michele in Maryland with her post.  I am hoping to hear back from her winning email to fill her stash with some linky loot :)

Novembers Linky Party is slated for Thanksgiving weekend.. and I am planning something extra fun for early linkers!!!  So plan ahead and spend some of Black Friday planning a blog post good for linking up with me & see what happens :)
In the meantime I am stitching on this cute school house block...
Which signifies I have quilted all the sides and only have the top, bottom, corners, and outer border left to quilt on this baby.

I had a really nice chat with my brother this morning ... we rarely get to chat these days... and as this quilt if for him and his beautiful family...
I am now motivated more than ever to meet my Thanksgiving deadline for being done with this project :)
I am quilting outside that red square now :)
Please keep my quilting in your prayers as this deadline is only a month away.. Hopefully I will have a finished quilt to share with you by the next LINKY PARTY! lol

Have a Quilty Hump Day!

Friday, October 24, 2014

October Laundry List Post!

Hello all...
I decided to break up my post this month and just have a post for the linky party and explain how I didn't meet any main goals this month! lol

And yet I am still happy about my progress!  Because there has been progress on each goal... and I can see how THIS month will now bring my first two goals to a FINISH!

First let me share about the Vintage Star Wall Hanging I am working on... 

I had hoped to finish all 12 stars for the quilt... but at present I have these 3 to go along with the 3 I showed last month...
I am using black calico fabrics from my stash for the large diamonds and fun vintage fabrics for the triangles at the center... These have been fussy cut to the right and left... but the one below is some precious fabric my friend Wendy sent me... it was just a fat quarters worth so I am using it sparingly... but I thought a little new with the older fabrics might be fun... what do you think???

Next is how well I am doing on READING!

I have spent several days we needed for traveling to different places this past month to get in some reading time... this month I have been reading Judy Martin's book on making Log Cabin quilts :)
This month I focused on color value and how to sort and store your strips once cut... This is a GREAT book if you want to make a log cabin that isn't rumpley ;)

Still working on...

My quilt history as a blog page addition to my blog... I have 4 of the 14 I have done/am doing documented... hopefully once I finish the Byrum Family Quilt more will get done on this project :)

Byrum Family Quilt progress...

Here is most of the whole quilt...
I decided to start on the side blocks ... the star blocks .. each one has a name and special fabrics picked for it... I am quilting each a little differently based on their design... instead of an overall design.  So far this is what I have...

And I saved the funnest block for last...
 Here is a close up of the center of this block...
And once I finish these blocks it is off to the top then the bottom.. finally I will make it to the tulip corners then the border!  Yippee :)

So then my goals for the upcoming month may now make a bit more sense...
If I can stay on track this month... by Thanksgiving I will have a full finish and a flimsy finish too!

Stay tuned to my quilty progress... :)

Linking this progress for the month to My Laundry List Linky Party HERE!
Whooping with Sarah on my accomplishments this month a Confessions of a Fabric Addict Here!

Laundry List LINKY PARTY ~ October 2014

Welcome to this months Laundry List Linky Party!!!!
Every month... until the end of this year... I am hosting a Monthly Linky Party just for goal setting... this weekend is your time.

Write a blog post showing what you have been up too and listing what you hope to get done during the next month...

Link it here and show off what's up for you AND you are then entered to win LINKY LOOT!  Yippee :)

Here was my Laundry List from last month...
I am still working on all these goals though... so this month I should see finish on all these things above...
So make a list and link it up here... add some pics of your projects too!

Happy Linking... and take time to read others that link too :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Do you believe is kismet.. that is destiny or fate?  I think if we follow the path we were meant to good things happen along the way.

Well I had a strong feeling that a Featherweight we got in recently to refurbish and sell was meant for my best friend... don't know why buy when I first saw the machine it reminded me of her...

  • The scroll face plate
  • The immaculate decals
  • Earlier model like she was wanting
  • Pristine case other than the handle
  • Kismet!
Well I told her all about the machine one day and she just went along with the convo.. I really never gave it another thought as that is my honeys job to do this stuff... I don't pay attention really as I stitch and care for our home... what he is working on... he stays much busier than me too! lol

Today he announced he was ready to sell the machine... and he brought it out... again I had that feeling it was meant for Connie... not to sell to just anyone.

So I called her and we chatted a bit... then I asked her opinion on eBay auction on this machine... and somehow she asked what it would take for HER to own this machine!!!!

Woweee :)

Lots of negotiation (chatting really) later we hammered out a deal that is a win/win... and we are shipping her this beautiful machine!!!

Isn't she a beauty!!!!
And my progress on the Byrum family quilt is coming along... having had that time away from quilting last week really slowed my monthly goals from meeting accomplishment but I am having plenty to party about tomorrow!

Hope you will join me.. simply List out what you wanna do and pics of what you have done... pics of your future ideas helps too!  This should be a fun post about where you are and where you hope to be next month this time.  Just before Thanksgiving :)

So Link Up and have a chance to win some linky loot from my stash!  Everyone loves to win something... and you get to help pick it out!!!

See ya This Weekend I Hope!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Featherweight Fun!

Many of you know that my honey buys and refurbishes and sells Singer Featherweight sewing machines.  So we see lots and lots of stuff come in ... yet  what we sell is very organized and made to be just so... so in our adventures of featherweight buying we have started a collection of sorts of old antique sewing machines and parts for them...

Here is a tool that we found a couple months ago in a featherweight we bought...
We were unsure of it's true purpose... so my honey researched it and found it was actually a needle threader and seam ripper... yet we still were perplexed on how to use it to thread sewing machines....

Then yesterday when a new Featherweight came in we found instructions, revision of instructions and the original package for the tool...
So we now know this tool is a needle threader & seam ripper!!  And it was made in the mid 1930's :)


So just thought I would share this fun little praise report with you.

I am also stitching away but will show progress on Friday at the LINKY PARTY!!!!

Have a blessed week!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Weekend of Accomplishments!

With Fall in Florida comes more moderate temperatures, less bugs, and feelings of accomplishment..

My honey finished the painting and refurbishing on this great sewing machine..

It is a Singer Featherweight 221... it was in great working order but the paint job was showing it's vintage age.  So my honey took 2 months of all his spare time to strip it, clean it all out, prime it, paint it, decal it, topcoat it.... then he did all that to the foot pedal and buttonholer.  This will be part of a package we will be advertising in the near future :)

My Darling Daughter ready for Homecoming :)

 And here is a shot of her with her date (her boyfriend of 4 months!) :)

And I am quilting between all the excitement happening around me :)

I have finished 2 of the block pairs ....
 Love the patriotic cow centers too :)

This block pair has tulip centers from a lovely fabric I got a fat quarter of for my sis in law.. she loves tulips so this center just seemed perfect when pulling fabrics for this pair :)

Now I am working on this block and soon will be on it's twin that also has the square in a squares near it so will do them as a block pair as well!

Here is the whole quilt.. so you can get perspective .. it is about 95" square before washing :)

And a Happy Reminder....

Don't miss your chance to get organized over the upcoming holiday season approaching... make a list... link it up and PARTY... and someone will WIN LINKY LOOT too!!!

Linking this post to ...

Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching as all this stitching is done by hand :)