Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twisted Up Tuesday..

Hello my Bloggy friends!

Check out the beautiful hand work my friend Connie is up to!  This dresden plate is the center of a little preemie quilt... she has the cross hatch drawn out on the border already too :)
 Here is the back of that dresden.. isn't it just beautiful either way??

What a roller coaster I have been on for about 2 days now but all is good and I am off the roller coaster now... at least for the time being :)

My daughter has a stomach bug and has been really not feeling well which also makes me sad but this was her day to go to get her brain looked at ... check on the tumor... and see the doctors the next day to see what they think.

Instead, I am using my nursing skills to get her better so she can not miss more school.. (she goes to a very busy school and gets behind easily if she doesn't watch it)...

I have been quilting away on the Byrum Family Quilt and am working hard on the inner border now...

Here is a view of my stitching with the blue lines still in place... can you see the circles joined???
Closer look at stitching :)

Here is how I marked this design...
With round objects :)  2 different sizes spools of thread and a medicine bottle I use for my perle cotton in use! haha!

So here I am stitching today and tending to my daughter.. what are you up to today??

Are you having a Twisted Tuesday too? 


  1. I'm enjoying my sewing room! One Tuesday block done, an appliqué prepped for work on today and a quilt all cut out. Taking a break for lunch and I think I can sew a wee bit more before I have to go wait in the pick up line at school for the kids. I hope your daughter recovers from the bug quickly and no one else in the household gets it. Love that dresden with those stitches.

  2. That Dresden Plate quilting is amazing. Hope your daughter feels better soon and the tests reveal good news.

  3. What a cute baby quilt! Praying for good results on your daughter's tests (and that she gets over this bug soon!).

  4. Gorgeous Dresden! Sorry to hear your daughter is not feeling well, hope she is back to school soon. I love using things from around the house to mark quilts! Looks like you are making great progress


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