Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Stitching!

I just love Sundays... a day to have no real plan and just see what happens... ahhh!

Today when I woke up I decided to work on my hand quilting on the middle border of my current project the Byrum Family Quilt.  The red outlines the border I am on now..
And here is a close up of this fun fabric I am stitching on...
Can you see my chalk lines... I had the template and ordered the chalk.  It came in yesterday.. just in time for me to use it! lol

I enjoy marking with chalk as it fades as you stitch and any residual you can spritz with water to remove completely before the first wash!

I had white and this is my first adventure with pink... it looks neon pink in the bag.. but as you can see comes out as a light pink on the fabric... here is a closer look at the chalk markings and my "support stitching" done in the ditch and 1/4" in as well...
Because I plan to spend most of the day quilting these fun wavey lines... I also will link up to Kathy's Slow Sunday stitching HERE!

But I am also doing a little work with Gloria today... I have yet to use her since her big reveal in yesterday's post!
This morning I set aside the hand stitching and cut out a star!
And now here it is!!
Yippee!  That is now 2 stars done out of 12 needed :)

I can do this multi tasking now that my Gloria has a permanent home... even though she is easily removed... it is her place to be when I am here :)

So what are you up to on this Sunday.. hustling about or enjoying the calm before the holiday storms to come? :)  Get yourself organized for those upcoming holiday projects and join me here NEXT WEEKEND to share a blog post via linky and List.. Link... and Party!  Laundry List Linky is NEXT WEEKEND ya'll!
And as always.. LINKY LOOT is gonna be available to one Lucky Linker!!!

See ya on Friday... till then Happy Stitching and...


  1. Enjoy your hand quilting today... those wavy lines look like fun to stitch!
    Love that cabinet... beautiful!

  2. You are using the pounce chalk. I have that, but had so much trouble getting it to work. Do you have any tips? Incidentally, I love the wavy stencil you are using on your quilt.

  3. I also like the wavy quilting lines. Perfect for the fun fabric. Once I marked with pink chalk marker and it was hard to remove. May I suggest you do not leave in too long. Gloria has a great cabinet.

  4. It looks like your grid got tossed by the waves! How neat. Looks good!

  5. Been out of town, I see you got another machine! She looks like a work horse!


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