Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Making headway on BFQ :)

I am happy to report the Byrum Family Quilt (BFQ) is moving right along!
I have more than this section complete now!
I have more than this much done too!

Here is the "mosaic section" I am working on enclosed by arrows :)
And remember this pic was taken during he piecing portion.. this quilt is much larger than this now... but I wanted to show you a good picture of the central portion I am working on :)

Here is a side view of the mosaic area...
I was trying to figure out what to put in these starry teal squares... hmmm... then I found these with cheap shipping so I ordered these!
And here is a cool shot of just the 5 beatitudes I have quilted on this quilt... with 5 more to go before the mosaic section is done..
Hope you are enjoying the quilting as much as I am.. now time to get back to it! lol

Happy Stitching and


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