Saturday, September 6, 2014

Just for fun :)

Just for fun... my son Mike (20 yrs old) bought a frame and decided to make a family project out of his project with that frame... it was a nice 5 x 7 frame he had picked up at Target...
Look how nicely it turned out!

My dd (16 years old) Brandi did the compass drawing using found objects, pencil, black marking pen, red marking pen, and an idea she liked from a google search...

I added the wording.  But Mike mastered the idea of it all and figured the coordinates too!

You see, Mike's friends recently married and bought their first home (these are the coordinates to that address :) ... this is their house warming and wedding gift!  How cool is that!!!


Just for fun.. I took a break from quilting on the Byrum Family Quilt to work on the beginning of a year round type antique looking wall hanging for our foyer ... I mentioned it on my goals list for the month ;)
It is made up of 12 stars... here was my second attempt...
 and here was my first...
I think I have this block figured out but it did require my honey to re-cut a wood template for me :)

I am loving using the wood templates he makes using "luan" wood.  Very inexpensive and he gets to have part in our new wall hanging too!


Just for fun....I went thrifting with my honey and look what we spent UNDER $5.00 on!  

2 different things :)

He found this at the goodwill for $1.99... he is a veteran so he gets a discount...
It is a Galileo thermometer and measures temperature over time... so the balls inside it move as the ambient temperature changes so the one floating most toward the middle is the correct ambient temperature for the space it inhabits :)  We put it in our living room for now.. but we did play with it a little to check out how it works by putting in the fridge... that is how we got it this cold! lol
Now it says 72 degrees OUTSIDE IN FLORIDA and it was 100 or more this day! lol  But it had just come out of the fridge ;)

And I found....
 A book with some VERY COOL border patterns in it I want to try out when designing a quilt in the future... :)  You see underlying reasons are here too because this book is full of recipes from a quilting mag they get in Australia... where my friend Wendy lives :)  So I got the book and hoped she had similar patterns in her mags.. she has these mags!!!!  I am so blessed :)  So we can work on projects across the world from each other with the same directions!  So cool!

So that is my Just for Fun post today :)  What have you done lately "just for fun"?


  1. A compass, glass thermometer, a star block makes for a fun ancient astronomy theme! You have talented kids. Patchwork Place books are quality quilt books. I saw the Blue Angels today.

  2. Kathy, your kids are very talented. It says a lot about your family as you pulled together to get this wonderful gift done. That star block looks like a difficult one. I agree it is so nice to have talented men in our lives to help us out.


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