Friday, August 8, 2014

4 Star Progress on the Byrum Family Quilt & MORE!

So happy to be linking this post to Whoop my progress up with Sarah today :)  Check out her post here :)  She has lots of eye candy today ... and lots of links to look at too!!

Today I have 4 great stars to share with you...
I made 2 of each star in the same colorways...

<<<< This is "Star on Star" pattern from Patchwork Square website..
And this cutie >>>> is called "Swamp Angel" pattern also found at Patchwork Square.

Before we move forward to see the other 2 stars I want to share that Patchwork Square website tells you to cut a large square and then sub cut via diagonal slices your pieces down to the needed hst and qst unit sizes ... all that said... I drafted my own patterns with my friend Wendy's help and used rulers not subcutting squares to get my hst's and qst's with precise points....

 <<<<< This star is called "Bear Tracks" pattern by Patchwork Square...
>>>>> This star is my fave block of the star blocks for some reason.. it is just very happy and fun!  It is called "Evening Star" but I think the orange looks like butterflies going in for nectar from a flower :)  Silly me!  Pattern also from Patchwork Square.

Patchwork square is similar to quilter's cache if you have visited there but not as uber organized... however>>> they have PICS!  I do better with a picture instead of just a name of a block... so I went HERE to get all these block ideas :)  WHOOP!

Also I struggled but finally won with a perfectly measured school house block!  It is part traditional piecing and part paper piecing....
I am super stoked about this block... see my pattern is not yet updated but here is my layout .. with this post maybe you can understand some of it :)
I make notes on my patterns for future reference... the "center" is on another piece of paper and the backing I will piece next is on yet another piece of paper! lol

So next up are those little 4" blocks that I call "square in a square".  I have my fabrics chosen... and with this final block sets done I will be ready to assemble this section of the quilt over the weekend I think!  WHOOP!!!!

I still have Wendy's beautiful artwork she sent for this quilt to border and add the year to...
I will put this years date on it as when she made it in 2004 she dated it as well!  What a special piece this is to add to this quilt :)  Here is my friend Wendy...  you can see her work on her blog here :)

Wendy has been instrumental in helping me accomplish unrealistic goals I had set and make them happen!  I am amazed at what I have created with these blocks I have shared today!

So between the front and the back I will actually use ALL of the "special fabrics" I had purchased for this quilt... Amazing I think that I collected over a year or this and now am using all I collected to some extent somewhere in the quilt!  AMAZING how God works things out I think :)

Now that this quilt is mainly together I am excited to ask you a question about this post!

Would you like the chance to win a fun fat quarter... just pick a fave block of the 5 I have shared... and pin it to your Pinterest page please... Once you have shared it leave me a comment that you shared and which one was YOUR fave... and if you are a NO REPLY BLOGGER... leave your email addy pls otherwise your entry will be forfeited and another name drawn!  Drawing is SUNDAY August 10 :) & open to anyone anywhere that would love a FUN FAT QUARTER! I will contact the lucky commenter and let them have a CHOICE of fat quarters available from the quilt I have been working on :)

Anyone up for a little giveaway??  WHOOP!


  1. Well thanks for the mention but you have done the hard work and have achieved Leo much these last few days. It is just a joy to watch your great achievements unfold! :)

  2. I love your Evening Star, too! And thanks, too, for the link to Patchwork Square! I love Quilter's Cache, but since I prefer traditional blocks, I have a hard time finding exactly what I want at QC since so many of those blocks have so many different names ... and conversely, so many different names could be so many different blocks. And sometimes, I know visually what block I want, but I don't have a clue as to the name of the block. ;-) I've bookmarked PS for future reference.

  3. Never heard of Patchwork Square, so thanks for that! I love that star on star block, it looks so cheerful in those colors. Nice work!

  4. Not much for star blocks, I lean towards modern. You are doing amazing work with your piecing. You are starting to look like a pro. The Mickey Mouse block is so cute, and appropriate for your quilt.


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