Sunday, July 6, 2014

Return from a short vaca!

So much to share with you...
Happy 4th of July... if you Celebrate :)
First of all I want to congratulate Penny for winning 2 fat quarters and a small bit of matching thread too  :)  She simply wrote a post and linked up to my linky party!  It is sooo much fun!!!

Be ready for July's Linky Party ..
JULY 25, 26, 27 will be our next time to Link up and there will be a fun Give away too! So stay tuned and follow me if you don't already so you can List, Tick and Party with us!  And we can with you!  Motivation Mayhem Monthly Muster is the long of it... I just like M4 for short!

I love learning and reading others ideas about making goals and meeting them.. readjusting to meet them.. what to do when I don't meet them.. and I just love a good blog Party!!!! lol

So a short vaca I forgot to tell you about ;)

My bestie Connie came for a visit... and as usual I went mostly off grid!  I loved it :)

We organized..
 And created...
 and just relaxed a bit too...
It is hand pieced... but not a real quilt... this is a puzzle!

I also celebrated my 48th birthday this week!
This pic was sent to me from my friend Wendy in Australia... isn't it cute!

So stay tuned this week for lots of great info here!

As for today... I will be unstitching and reworking the outer border on Oh My Stars... so pics will come on that once I decide and get a bit done on my outer border...

Linking this post up with Kathy's Quilts.. Slow Sunday Stitching here!  She has a super cool vid of up hand piecing a block in space by a astronaut on the space station... leave a little bloggy love while you are there too!  :) 

Have a blessed Sunday my friends!


  1. Happy belated birthday!! Looks like you had a lot of fun with your friend. Nice little pieces you have created. (pieces; puzzle, right?) :)

  2. Sounds like you've had a great birthday week! Thank you so much for the fat quarters. They arrived yesterday and I love the little spool of pink thread to match. :)) Linking up with you for M4 has been helpful to me, because I have finished the binding on my Underground Railroad quilt and cut the loose strings last night. All it needs is a label. AND, I hand quilted on the scrappy one last night.... goals are a good thing!! thanks!

  3. So glad you had a relaxing time with your friend and isn't it neat that you have quilting in common. I love your little projects! Some time at the beach sounds wonderful too!

  4. Happy Birthday! Great puzzle. So glad you had a good visit with your friend.

  5. What fun to have a good friend visit during your birthday week. Cool quilt puzzle.

  6. I love that quilty puzzle! What a fun time you had with a special friend!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Sounds like you had a great birthday. It is a small world, I used to be in a quilt group with Connie in my hometown several years ago.


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