Saturday, July 19, 2014

Learning about 4 patches...

The last 2 days have been filled with strip piecing 4 patches and cutting them into their pairs.. have you made 4 patches before?

I had not I guess because I learned there is a special way to iron a 4 patch to get it to lay nice and flat!  Yippee :)

Once I figured there was a secret I searched more vids... and found THIS great vid by Billie Lauder on how to lay out my strips for quick cutting.
pressing to the dark...

Then I watched this follow up vid also by Billie Lauder where she explains the way to press them HERE!
4 patch anatomy ~ before finger pressing...

Finger pressed open now

Ironed flat now...

Tahdah!  The finished 4 patch :)
Both vids are only 5 minutes total but worth a watch.. or 2 .. or 3 times as it goes FAST! lol :)  ha!

I also managed to do some reading yesterday... I was so happy that the mood struck...  I decided to open Jinny Beyer's book ~ Quiltmaking by Hand ~ randomly but toward the beginning of the book...  the topics were quilting notions and prewashing stash! lol  I loved reading about the history of chatelaines and such... but hearing more preaching about prewashing all fabrics was getting a bit over heard for me lately.  GOAL MET!

I have totally been absorbed in designing and now making this quilt.. I am very excited with all of the process thus far!

Did you already know how to do the 4 patch twist or was this new to you?  This is my 13th quilt.. how come I never made a proper 4 patch before now ??  None of my quilts had 4 patches .. until now! lol  And I have no idea why either... as I am truly enjoying the process of placing them around the spot the center panel I showed you yesterday will go...
Come back to see what else is new.. as I am learning something all the time and love to share what I learn.. plus it gives me an easy reference if I need to review the info later :)

My honey is even being quilty today... in a way... he is preparing some new featherweights for sale!  Isn't this a cool shot I got as he was using the morning light to do his work! :)

Have a blessed weekend!  I will be sewing together 4 patches and such.. what about you?


  1. Thanks for 4-patch tutorial. I didn't know one could press like that with machine piecing. I love Jinny Beyer's Hand Quilting book and I love all those featherweights!

  2. I haven't made 4 patches for a long time ... certainly back before I knew to twist the seams. Sure was a lot of bulk at the seams. I love that little block with scripture ... how did you make that? I've always used strips to make my 4 and 9 patches, but I'd never thought to stack one row set on top of another to get 2 patches at the same time. Thanks for sharing that video with us!

  3. Yes, that is a cool shot of the featherweights! As far as seams and such, sometimes I get lucky and they lay pretty and other times, not so much! I need to study that a lot more, for sure. I've often thought about having a top quilted by someone else on a long arm, and then I think "oh no, she might critique my seams." LOL


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