Wednesday, June 4, 2014

On to the border.. :)


So excited to be working on the last thing to finish the quilting on this wonderful MAN quilt :)

Except I still need to add the label once the quilting is finished!

This has the most intricate quilting I have done in the body of it and is very quilty overall...

I have used Aurifil grey thread throughout and 1 roll of 820 yards I think did this quilt with some left over :)

 I do use cotton batting in most of my quilts so once washed it will look wrinkledy and old but very cool and cozy as well!

I got my buttons for "Oh My Stars" organized!
In yesterday's post I showed you the proposed layout for my 50 silver stars :)

And speaking of "Oh My Stars"... 

It is pinned and waiting for me to finish THE MAN quilt! lol  My honey helps with pinning and does a great job!  I believe a quilt well pinned will have no puckers if your tension is good while quilting :)  Have you found pinning or thread basting to be important or not?

More fabric is coming in for Project RJq ... looking forward to starting it next soon as I wrap up THE MAN quilt :)

How are your goals for the month going?   Are you keeping with your list, ticking it off and Partying??? I sure am !!!  Loving how I got motivated on my current project because another urgent need has come up.

Have a blessed week... stop in Friday and see what I am whooping about!


  1. I bet you will be glad to be done with that quilt and move on to a new project, look forward to seeing it washed and dried and crinkly

  2. You are making great strides on that quilt! I've moved everything along on my list except the appliqué at this point - but have an hour + waiting during swim lessons the next two weeks so I hope to work on that during that time.

  3. Can't wait to see your Man Quilt all finished and ready to be presented! And good for you to have a couple more projects waiting in the wings ... can't wait to see what you're going to come up with for Project RJq.

  4. Loving the fabric for RJq. What patytern are you using?

  5. some great project there, loving the flag. I do think basting is important, I just can't seem to get it right!


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