Friday, May 16, 2014

May for Me!

I noticed someone I follow had this pretty badge on their sidebar...

so I clicked on it and investigated HERE! lol

I found out that May for Me is all about taking 5 minutes a day for yourself... doing something you want to do!  This is Marcia's quote as it is her linky party...

"Every year, I explain that May for Me is all about finding 5 minutes or 10 minutes --- just for you each day.  If you do this for the whole month of May, you will be a happier person 365 days a year. You will find time for you!"

I found out that May for Me means doing more than just one project at a time and doing them all well :)

I also have discovered that I do enjoy mornings to myself ... coffee, reflection on the day ahead and goal setting, chatting with my friend in Australia on fb to hear about her day... I love that addition that May has seemed to bring into my life.

So I feel like that counts as my "5 Minutes for me" thing... but I liked how her article delved into spoiling yourself and making yourself a better person also!  I like that!

So I will continue to do other projects and spread myself a bit thinner than I feel comfortable doing to help me pay attention to all the things I am doing. 

We plan to continue eBay selling when the craft products are all gone or donated away.

I love the friendships I have in my life... I love my honey and how he completes me and makes me a better person.  I love my kids and my more active role I am taking in their lives these days... Life is good!

I am happy I took time to reflect on May for Me... Let me know if you decide to link up... there is a prize offered but I really did this for me not a prize :) Ha!

Have a blessed weekend... I am off to sew while listening to the wonderful ambient noises around me... the water bubblers bubbling.. new baby birds chirping for food, mama birds chirping back... peaceful!


  1. Sounds like a peaceful morning. Can't wait to see your flag quilt when it is quilted.

  2. I love chatting to you also, it completes the day

  3. Sometimes looking after ourselves just means taking the time to reflect on the good things in our lives. Your post is a good reminder to that

  4. I love my quiet coffee morning time to reflect and inspire for the day.


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