Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Stitchin' Sunday :)

Hope you are having a blessed and beautiful weekend where ever you are :)  We had cloudy cool weather yesterday ... today the sun is shining and I am back in Florida! lol

I want to show off my fave and expensive and extravagant tool I use nearly every day in response to a question by Kathy over at Slow Sunday Stitching HERE today!
The scissors were gifted to me by my best friend and the charm I put on it is a twin to her charm that is pink with the same heart bead!  The lobster claw was too small for the scissors and so I added a silver split jump ring to join it all together!

I love this bit of extravagance and that is why I do pose them a lot in shots.. today I am giving this special tool top billing on my post :)

Before I started slow stitching the feather today I decided to try out my piecing skills that I have been seriously working on...

I am HAPPY to report I got 1 row of the QAL done :)
And this is all thanks to my friend Wendy who has a wonderful post up today on her blog :)

QAL Pattern guide
If you recall I did all 6 of these blocks with strips... unfortunately they were all wonky and wouldn't even think about going together... Wendy rescued those blocks in a way from being quilted as they were... my intention! ha :)  By insisting on teaching me... from Australia and only via fb chat.. how to piece properly... many messages later and I had a block made and felt so happy!  But it was too small for this project... so I decided instead of fixing the bad ones (I had trimmed the backs some so the blocks were no longer truly square anyway anymore... I have these 3 beauties :)  The other 3 are cut out and waiting for morning again ... Yippee!
We are also being very successful with Ebay sales this week!  Happily those taxes may get paid soon :)  Right now we have vintage sewing machines and a Cricut die cutting machine among other things !  We are having fun and spending time together and that is important!

Now I must return to some slow stitching as my fingers are itching to feel fabric in only a way hand quilting can offer..

Do you have an extravagant purchase/tool that you have for quilting that you resist using because it is expensive or sentimental or both??  I would love to hear from you!


  1. I love those colorful scissors!

  2. I would say my quilting hoop is my most beloved tool. I couldn't live without it

  3. My frame and my lights are what I can't live without. My frame helps me complete my quilts and the lights help me thread my needles


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