Friday, April 25, 2014

Selling my paper crafting items...

And it is very hard to do... I was a die hard paper crafter for many years and suddenly all that dried up for me one day and NOW here I am a QUILTER! lol
So check me out on Ebay if you are looking for great paper crafting and stamping stuff too!  I have got tons still to list but I have listed almost 200 auctions in the last 3 days :)  WHOOP!!!

As for my hand quilting goal... I have until Sunday night to finish this area...

I already did the feather between the two blocks as part of my goal too!
And right now I am here...
over 1/2 way on both the block and the feather down here :)
So I am also WHOOPing my progress.. and the new goal setting I am learning!

Lest we think I was not busy this week since much quilting didn't get done... here is what was up for sale after listing things 1 day...

From this room I am decluttering and selling a large majority of my stuff...
The picture and the sewing machine are NOT for sale! lol
So in the meantime I am looking at this as I spend so much computer time listing these items to sell...
 So my Whooping question to you is... what does "Live in the Sunshine" mean to you?

For me... I think it means to looks at life sunny side up!  Glass half full.. not half empty.  What do you think?  Love to hear from you!

Linking this Whoop filled post to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here. :)


  1. that is good to try to sell all the stuff you are no longer using - sometimes our tastes/hobbies change drastically and it is time to get the old out and make room for the new.

  2. I was talking to my neighbor as we were walking this morning about deck uttering and getting rid of stuff that we no longer need. Seems to be a common theme. Ha!

  3. Man quilt is coming along very well. I need to declutter also. It is time consuming, but it has been said, "less is more." Good luck on your auctions!

  4. Last year I boxed up a lot of mine and sent to my daughter and her 2 girls. They loved that! Now you will have more room for fabric.

  5. Good luck on the auctions. Not only will you have more room for fabric but money to buy fabric. How exciting! :)


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