Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Goal met... just a little bit left!

Today... in fact just a bit ago.. I finished the goal I set last Sunday week...
And completed 2 blocks... 3 feathers .. 1 cornerstone :)

Now it just leaves this bit to quilt before I bind and label (my honey wants the label to be a surprise) !! 
Then back to a bit more quilting with no batting roughness... just soft quilt fabric to brush against!  I enjoy it when a quilt can be bound before all the final quilting is done.. :)

 Next up is a creative project I am taking time off from THE MAN quilt to complete ... here is where I am so far...
No ideas yet except I love all these 1930's prints and solid together :)

Time to search the internet for ideas and see what kind of patterns I can find to incorporate my own design ideas into... do you have any suggestions??? I want to just use the 2 top fabrics and the label of course... and use the red plaid for the binding of it.  I like the 3 flowers framing the label top binding area.. we shall see what ideas YOU have!

My honey has been busy in the yard and at the workbench.. today Fiona went in for a check up...
and got a glowing report and her tension knob fixed... so all is well... also a good oiling was had... so now I need to sew a bit on her to rub it all in good :)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bohin Quilt Marking Chalk ~ a Review :)

Have you ever seen Bohin Quilt Marking Chalk?  It is here on Amazon... but I found it at my LQS!
It is like regular chalk but color and plenty of plain white too for marking a quilt with!  Yippee :)

So here is 1/4 of my swirl lock before using the chalk pencil on my smudged lines made with the pounce pad chalk...
 And here is that same area once I darkened it up a bit...
 And here is that 1/4 completed with the right lower 1/4 marked darker and more prominent...
As you can see where I have stitched all the chalk has virtually disappeared... it only remains where i have to stitch next!

I love this stuff and just wanted to share... so talk to your LQS or check out Walmart site to store for free shipping.. just another idea... cost is about $15.00.  But it doesn't stain and works well as far as I can tell so far.

I have not been paid or reimbursed for this advertisement! lol

I just found a product that is excellent for quilt marking a bit at a time!

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What makes you smile?

Project planning... New Fabric Alert!  Doesn't that make every quilter smile???

I got these cute charm packs by Riley Blake in Red/White and Navy/White... each has 28 charms in it... so I have plenty to make something like Jenny's quilt like this...
I think mine will be a bit different but I want to applique on it "Welcome" and use it by the front door.. that is what is NEXT!   But what about now???

I am loving my Slow Sunday Stitching and plan to link this post to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching linky here...

I started with a goal of completing this area (2 blocks, 3 feathers, and 1 cornerstone)...

Here I have done one feather and the spine of the one beside the blue block to stabilize that area... now I have marked the block and have started quilting it at about 9 o'clock on a clock working counterclockwise works best for me... I am ambidextrous ;)

Now this week was not a quilty week for me after all.. I started this out strong on Monday, Tuesday I got these cuties in the mail!
They are personalized cotton twill labels that won't ravel and I can sew into the binding of my quilts!  Don't you love them!  There are lots of choices... I found them in this Etsy shop :)  The cost was $13.00 plus shipping to me... and I think it comes with 20!  I designed all of what they say and you pick and icon from appropriate quilty pics to add... I just went with the hearts :)

My honey got an order for a dog this week so all else stopped (thus I quilted Monday! lol) and he made a pup to ship :)  I love their eyes the and ears so much!

My honey took pics and organized stuff I removed from my craft room to sell...
Using a camera that he loves and the Picnic white polka dot backing as his canvas to take pics on...
And look how they came out... We have listed 127 things right now... lol  These are just our 2 faves of the moment! :)

 Finally yesterday... after various errands and more time listing things to sell... I got back to quilting.. and have finally found a stopping place to share with you all!

Tah Dah!  Yep.. didn't meet my goal but if I hadn't had that goal... I wouldn't have done this much I bet as busy as the week was! lol  But I got 1 block done.. 2 feathers... and 1 cornerstone done...

My hope is to have the remainder done by Wednesday.. but I have more stuff to list on eBay! lol  Yep... my papercrafting room is past and before the stuff I have loses value I need to sell it!

In closing I would like to share some of what has helped me make it through a very busy week with unmet goals... looking at this beauty in one corner of the yard...

 And looking at this bougainvillea leaning into the daisies really rocks my mornings :)

Have a blessed week and thanks for taking time to read my thoughts and share in my busy week! lol

Friday, April 25, 2014

Selling my paper crafting items...

And it is very hard to do... I was a die hard paper crafter for many years and suddenly all that dried up for me one day and NOW here I am a QUILTER! lol
So check me out on Ebay if you are looking for great paper crafting and stamping stuff too!  I have got tons still to list but I have listed almost 200 auctions in the last 3 days :)  WHOOP!!!

As for my hand quilting goal... I have until Sunday night to finish this area...

I already did the feather between the two blocks as part of my goal too!
And right now I am here...
over 1/2 way on both the block and the feather down here :)
So I am also WHOOPing my progress.. and the new goal setting I am learning!

Lest we think I was not busy this week since much quilting didn't get done... here is what was up for sale after listing things 1 day...

From this room I am decluttering and selling a large majority of my stuff...
The picture and the sewing machine are NOT for sale! lol
So in the meantime I am looking at this as I spend so much computer time listing these items to sell...
 So my Whooping question to you is... what does "Live in the Sunshine" mean to you?

For me... I think it means to looks at life sunny side up!  Glass half full.. not half empty.  What do you think?  Love to hear from you!

Linking this Whoop filled post to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict here. :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Showing off MY space ... and some DEALS!

Today I decided it was time to share more of myself with you and show you my space... my main space IS my quilty space too...
I have my fave fb site pulled up "Celebrate Hand Quilting";)

You can see THE MAN quilt in front of my Fiona (the sewing machine is in the wooden box).  Next to the sewing machine are my most used books and some patterns and a little stash I haven't put away and some things waiting to be mailed... Beside that with the blue water and red headed mermaids is my ironing board... literally a board covered with a towel for a little softness and a cover!  Works great too!
Above is my design wall... when I sew a lot I move the room around and have full access to the design wall.. it goes to about 18" from the floor the way it is built.  It is very awesome and handy when piecing and machining for sure!  We are still looking for something to go in the upper right corner of the frame but it will come :)
Under that table are lots of plastic bags.. holding nice new fabric waiting to be made into quilts... about 5 projects are here or more! lol
These drawers hold completed project leftovers and yardage I am collecting for a quilt for Daisy... she loves quilts! lol  And all my thread/needles and such... not currently in use items are here mainly!

But this holds LOTS OF STUFF!  And it was a DEAL!!!!
It is a Longaberger basket and holds my paper scissors, my applique scissors, my rotary cutters, some new stuff and old stuff I just bought... ready for using with soon to come projects :)  And I paid $1.99 for it at Goodwill in their basket section... it has a hanger on the back and a thick leather strap across the flat back side of it... it is exactly what I wanted and needed!

Then today we were at the Goodwill and my honey spied this....
 It is a little collapsible travel iron with no steam at all!  I am so giddy and it cost a whopping $2.99!!!  It came from Walmart where it had a sticker worth $12.99.  This will be PERFECT for piecing .. I think steam has been my downfall... now no steam available.. (unless I get some Best Press!) lol

I have only gotten a bit done on THE MAN quilt today but still feel confident that I will meet the goal I set out in my last post!   So excited about this now :)

How about you.. where do you do you sew?  Have you found any good deals lately?

Love to hear from you & respond to all comments :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday ~ Goal setting again!

Well if you follow me you know last week I set a goal and missed my mark... then when I did meet that goal...late!... I set a better goal that I did meet yesterday!  I was STOKED!!!  Yippeee :)  So this week I am sharing a new goal with all of you to keep me accountable...

Here are TWO blocks.. THREE feathers and ONE cornerstone that need done... THIS WEEK!

My plan is to hopefully meet my halfway goal of 1 block and 2 feathers by Thursday... :)

Wish me luck!

My brother and his family sent a new pic taken on Easter and I love it!  They are all so beautiful!

And speaking of beautiful things... check out the magenta pink blooms on the bougainvillea :)

Looks so nice to me with all the other lovely plants surrounding it!
 And we have this beautiful teal sewing machine now listed on eBay.. Wanna see it?  Check it out better here!  My honey rehabbed it and the case and don't they just look FABULOUS???!!!
So what's beautiful in your life on the beginning of this week???

Would love to hear what you find beautiful too!

Have a blessed week and here's to MEETING goals!  Happy Monday :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blessed Easter Sunday All ~ Progress Report!

Hope you are slow stitching some on this Blessed Easter Sunday!  I went to the beach this morning at sunrise!
My honey got up early with me this morning and we headed to the beach for a 7 am sunrise :)

It was so glorious... it was also cool, and VERY breezy.. check out the blowing sand...  this is looking each way as we walked on the beach!
But the sunrise, although it was overcast... still shined through!

                              The waves were busy but not ferocious today.. and we went while the tide was about midway... I love seeing the birds on the water's edge... God provides us so much natural beauty to enjoy!  
We are very blessed for sure!

Now that we have enjoyed Daytona Beach USA... I bet you want to know more about my progress on THE MAN quilt... I had set a goal mid week of having a post ready to go with my latest duo complete... and here is block #7 and feather #8 in my countdown to completion of this part of the quilting.

Tah Dah!
Now to get off those pencil marks on the feather... the chalk I used on the swirly block you can see is virtually gone already!

First I lay out the feather to remove the markings from...
 Then spray on the magic stuff that has virtually no odor and leaves no stiffness in the fabric afterward!...
See the bubbles it makes when you spray it on the pencil markings??
 Then I wipe it down scrubbing it really ... with a soft dry cloth.  And Whallah!
If you want to get some of this Marking Pencil Removal solution try the great prices at my friend Debbie's shop on Ebay here!  I am not paid to advertise her shop... I simply think she rocks customer service and has great prices.. lol!

So for my finale...once I complete 6 swirly blocks.. 7 fun feathers.. and 2 yin yang cornerstones... I will machine bind the binding to the front of the quilt THEN do the quilting of the chain that is the outer border of this quilt... that way my lines stay even to the binding and all looks nice... THEN I will add the label my honey hasn't seen yet... and sew down the binding to the back by hand!  Whew!  That is still a lot of steps.. but there is light at the end cuz I could list all that needed to be done in 1 paragraph! lol

So how do you plan to spend your Easter.. Do you celebrate at all?  Would love to hear your traditions of the season or just how you plan to spend this day of this year!

Linking this post and my awesome goal met to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy's Quilts here!  
And with Karen at Sew Many Ways linky party here!