Saturday, March 8, 2014

My spool blocks for the QAL :)

I was so inspired by Edyta Sitar's spool block that I decided to make my own to fit this pattern for the QAL I am doing...

The pattern calls for 6 spools... but didn't give a finished ready to sew size for anything but the spool part... it is a Quilt in a Day pattern and wants to make it easy ... but when you change the pattern it just makes it more challenging... so let me share what I did :)

Here is just 1 block ~ I made 3 of this color way...
Here is a different color way I did 3 more to total the 6 needed :)
The recipe I figured out to make it the same size as the pattern needed to be with less waste than their way called for (mitered corners) is right here!
 I do hope this pattern makes sense... but if you would like a little step by step I DID take pics :)

First I made the spools by cutting creatively a 1 7/8" strip from 3 coordinating (to me! ha) fat quarters or scraps... you will need each scrap to be 4" long times the number of strips you want in that specific fabric :)  For me I used fat quarters then fussy cut that 1 strip of 1 7/8" to 3 ~ 4" strips I liked :).  That gave me a ready to piece raw edged piece that was the specified pattern size of 4 x 4 1/2" tall.

Next I marked all the C2 blocks with a diagonal pencil line...
Then I laid out my 9 patch of sorts like this...
Next I started sewing with the left middle white piece to the center stripped piece...

Next up I chain pieced the rest of the block by sewing the corners diagonally on the line drawn heading like I have them laid out here... RIGHT sides together ... my white blocks look the same on both sides so I didn't have to watch that :)

Once you have chain pieced this all together and are left with only the middle left block remaining you can pull that one from your chain to add it!  Easy :)

Because these blocks go together so easy and because I was fussy cutting and just having fun with this I also took time to save bonus triangles for hst later :)  Do you ever save and sew our bonus triangles into hst's ??  Interested in knowing more about that... comment below and tell me... :)

And before I knew it I was done!  Tadaaah!
All 6 in the order I think they will go together :)

What are you up to this Saturday ?

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Awesome looking spools!! I've never made anything (yet) that has given me bonus triangles. But if/when I do, you bet I'm saving those bonus triangles ... I love, love, love quilts with triangles!

  2. Those blocks look great - love the fishy fabrics!


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