Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  I made you breakfast :)
Actually my dd made these eggs and only after she was showing off how well she cooked them did we notice the heart... so I saved this pic for you my bloggy friends! lol

This week I have had lots of "life happening" stuff going on and not much quilting... me and my honey have had a terrible cold and now everyone in the house is avoiding us! hehe

I am getting better... but my honey remains feeling very puny and is getting mad about being sick so long... he is a very good patient... just doesn't have a lot of patience! ha

Aside from that my WHOOP for the week is that I have still managed to reach the 50% completed mark on THE MAN quilt!  Yippee :)

I am mongo excited about this and will spare you more pics of the same kinda blocks... but using the chalk for marking is working out better as I learn how to use it best for my purposes.

And in closing... here is my Valentine I made for my quilty facebook friends... I am part of a group that encompasses most every country in the world... it is amazing to share quilting across the globe... so I prepared this special Valentine for them and bought my daughter some Valentine Dove chocolates to share with her friends!  SCORE!

And hot off this press is this lovely cutie... all dressed for this day!
Cute little Evie... a whopping 2 pounds heavier since her open heart surgery :)  She is doing FANTABULOUS I think!

Have a happy heart day!


  1. Those eggs should win a foodie award! Hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy stitching. Little Evie's success story is a heart-warmer!

  2. Love the egg heart. I have been craving eggs lately for some reason. 50%% on the man quilt! woo hoo. You go girl,


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