Sunday, February 16, 2014

Getting "unstuck" :)

Hand quilting is a work of he(art) ...and as such a queen sized quilt takes a while to hand quilt heavily!

So all week I have been on the 13th block... on Monday I was excited to reach this block as it signified my 50% completion of this quilt.. then sickness fell on me and my honey and we just haven't had much to blog about since....or quilt and create!!!

Well today I am finally back!!!! on block 14 :)  I am UNSTUCK and loving this project!  Here is 1/4 of the square ... where I start the swirly process of this design...

My bestie Connie encouraged me ... as did my honey as this is gonna be his when done.  And I think the encouragement is just what I needed!  I had been moving so fast before this... just hoping to get back in the groove and back to meditatively stitching swirls and feathers and chains until this quilt is finally complete!  Yippee!

We did score some free concrete planters on craigslist... and one planter had 3 plants in it... not in happy condition yet... but my honey can figure them out ... he is working on that today... since I mentioned flowers how about a beautiful one for you my bloggy friends :)
These are blooms from our azalea that LOVES this cold weather we have been getting... not me so much though! lol  I hate to complain as many parts of the world are having strange weather.

Finally, I found an idea on how to quilt my antique quilt top that is patiently waiting it's turn to be quilted... lol!

I love the simplicity and how they did a cool "freehand" style in the "melons" :)  I saw this on "24 blocks" on facebook this morning and instantly knew I wanted to try this super simple yet quilty pattern for my own quilt in this same pattern!  Yippee again :)

Linking this post to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday... cuz I am slow stitching today too!

Thanks for visiting with me today!  Hope you have a wonderful week!


  1. Glad to hear you're able to quilt again. Sickness is horrible at zapping all energy. Congrats on being half done with the quilt!

  2. Sorry you got the bug. So far I have remained clear of it. Can't believe how fast your qullt is going for you. And I like the stitches you plan to do on your next quilt. Keep quilting my friend.

  3. Ugh! Sorry you've had the bug. Hope your honey is feeling better, too! So far DH and I have been able to resist it ... but with the grands all coming down with it, it might be inevitable for us, too. Yay for being 50% done!!

  4. Glad you are on the mend. That sickness hit at my house too. I love that quilt and the quilting. Thanks for sharing.


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